After 13 years of service, John Boyle has decided to stand down and leave the club.  He has generously agreed to gift his shares to an independent trust which will be administered by four trustees, who are directors of the Club’s board.   In addition to this, a society which allows fans to participate in the ownership of the club will be established; “The Well Society”.

There will be a variety of memberships available, which will allow fans to elect members of the Well Society to the board of Motherwell F.C. providing fans with a means of voicing their opinions at board level.

The Board has said on a number of occasions that ultimately we wish to be owned by the Community and this proposed new structure is a huge step towards setting out to achieve this goal.

The membership fees of the Well Society will be used to purchase shares in Motherwell F.C. with the aspiration that through time the Well Society will acquire a controlling shareholding in the Club.

  • We will introduce a membership scheme that will enable our loyal fan base to participate in the ownership of the club – The Well Society.
  • Provide the opportunity for local businesses or individuals to become patrons of Motherwell Football Club

Our aim is to run the club on a break even basis and any funds that are raised from the Well Society will only be used if a cash requirement arises. None of the trustees or other directors of the club will benefit financially from John’s gift.


Motherwell Football Club was founded in 1886 through an amalgam of two local teams Wee Alpha and Glencairn.  Since then, the Club has grown into one of Scotland’s most famous and successful teams, securing the Scottish Division One Championship during season 1931/32, winning the Scottish League Cup in 1950, the Scottish Cup during 1952, and the Scottish Cup again famously in 1991 against Dundee United in what is generally regarded as the best ever Scottish Cup Final.

Motherwell Football Club has always enjoyed superb support from its loyal fan base during the good and difficult times.  In return the Club has always sought to engage with its fan base to help alleviate social problems affecting local communities.

In 2009, an internal restructure saw the club confirm its vision to become Scotland’s best community club, placing itself at the very heart of the community. To achieve this, we expanded the Club’s Community Programme to include a dedicated Head of Department and three additional permanent community officers.


A community football club is part of the fabric of the community.  The Club believe that long term success is dependent upon a strong fan base and a structure which allows supporters to voice their opinions.

Through the Well Society, members will be entitled to elect members of the society to the board of Motherwell F.C., where these opinions can be discussed at regular board meetings.

The real route to long term success is to grow our resources, our fan base and strength collectively.  Rather than the ideas of a few directors, it will be the ideas of thousands of supporters, residents of North Lanarkshire and beyond.

As part of aspiring to become a community club we want our football club facilities to be used for a wide range of community events and activities, for all ages and interests.

This should be an important resource in attracting new fans as well as becoming valuable income stream.

A community football club helps to bring the community together and, through mutually beneficial links with local business, should be an important part of the social and economic structure of the local area.

The people of the community should have pride in the club as a responsible representative of the region, regardless of whether or not they attend the games on match day, and they should genuinely wish to see the club succeed and flourish, building on our already rich heritage.

The clear intention of the directors of the club is to move towards a community owned model and this is the first step in that process.

It is possible, although we believe unlikely, that at some point in the future an individual or consortium will seek to acquire the club.

As in any business any offers would need to be considered carefully and a collective decision taken on whether a sale is in the best interest of the club and its fans.

If a decision is taken to sell the club in the first 2 years following establishment of the Well Society, the proceeds would be distributed to the current shareholders of the club, including John Boyle on a pro rata basis.

At the end of the 2 year period the beneficiary of any proceeds raised from the sale of the club would be the current share holders and Motherwell Football Club Community Trust as beneficiary of the Trust.


The vision is to increase the involvement of the local community in Motherwell F.C. and the establishment of the Well Society will allow us to realise this vision.

The long term aspiration is that the Well Society will acquire a controlling shareholding in Motherwell F.C. and allow the people that have sustained it for 125 years; the fans and community of North Lanarkshire to continue to show their support to the Club


  • For the Well Society to acquire a controlling shareholding of the club.
  • For the Club to act as a community asset to be run for the benefit of all.
  • To provide a variety of memberships which will allow supporters to elect members of the Well Society to the board of Motherwell FC.
  • Grow the club sustainably.
  • Revitalise and improve relationships with businesses, sponsors, and the local Council.
  • Enhance the social and cultural impact of the football club.
  • To play at the highest level possible, without risk of going into administration.


The Well Society offers a range of membership packages and is open to anyone who has an interest in Motherwell Football Club or the community.

Members enjoy the same influence no matter what membership package they purchase.

In addition to a raft of benefits offered by the Club, being a member enables you to vote members onto the board of the Well Society and elect members to stand for the Board of Motherwell FC.erwell FC.

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