Stadium Advertising

Stadium Overplan

Stadium advertising is a proven way of promoting your company to a captive audience and guaranteeing wide brand exposure.

Perimeter board advertising achieves extensive television coverage reaching worldwide audiences, as well as the fan base on matchdays.

The club have games covered by Sky Sports, BT Vision, and BBC Sport – all of which serve the UK and Ireland. Furthermore, SPL games are also beamed to numerous countries all around the world as well as online at You Tube.

As well as perimeter boards, the club also offers a number of advertising opportunities around the ground. Situated on all four corners of Fir Park, the floodlights offer a highly visual premium area for companies wishing to capitalise on both the television and live crowd.

Slightly more price competitive but effective none-the-less, our scoreboard and Public Address advertising packages present every company with the opportunity to maximise exposure to the live and attentive match crowd.

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