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    Players and staff join Well Society

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    Well Society reach 3,000 members

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    An update from the Well Society

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    Bring a friend for free to Dundee

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    Double Your Money deal extended to season end

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    Two new faces on Well Society board

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    Well Society share scheme relaunched

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    Former players’ nostalgia night

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    Bring a friend for free to Livingston game

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    Bid for player dressing room boards

  • Well Society

    Players and staff join Well Society

    Players and staff join Well Society

    Our players and football management team have joined the Well Society.

    The players, together with the coaching staff, decided to collectively join and contribute monthly to the club’s fan ownership group, highlighting their commitment to the cause and to play their part in the continuing health and growth of Motherwell Football Club.

    You can follow in their footsteps and join the Well Society by clicking here.

    “It was very important to the whole squad that we demonstrated our effort away from just a Saturday afternoon,” club captain Stephen O’Donnell said.

    “This is a special club where the supporters and the local community are at the heart of everything we do and stand for.

    “The players buy into that and are proud to represent the club, but we also want to play our part by giving something back.

    “We are delighted and honoured to be involved.”

    ‘Well boss Graham Alexander added: “I have said on many occasions that togetherness can help drive a club forward.

    “It’s so important that all aspects of a club, from the boardroom to the dressing room, from the terracing to the pitch, are united and working towards the same goal.

    “This group, both players and coaches, not only want to make the fans proud of their team when they are on the pitch but want to make them proud when they’re off it too.

    “They do that by working hard to understand the ethos, the principles and the character of the supporters and people in this part of Lanarkshire, and what is expected of us as Motherwell players and coaches, which will hopefully transfer onto the pitch on a matchday and drive good performance.”

    The Well Society, the vehicle in which the club operates its current fan ownership model, bought Motherwell FC from Les Hutchison in October 2016.

    With over 3,000 active members, almost 1,300 of them contributing each month, the Society has supported the club throughout its ten-year existence, investing over one million pounds in working capital.

    “We are thrilled to have the first-team squad and coaching staff as part of the Well Society and it clearly demonstrates the spirit and determination of this group,” the Well Society’s co-chair Douglas Dickie said.

    “The more fans who are in a position to join the Society and contribute on a monthly basis will only help the club grow and grow.

    “As we approach the fifth anniversary of taking a majority ownership in the club, it would be great if we could use this as a launchpad to attract more people to come on board.”

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    Well Society reach 3,000 members

    Well Society reach 3,000 members

    Following a tremendous response over the last seven days, the Well Society now has over 3,000 members.

    Reaching this milestone is an incredible achievement for our support, especially during what is a very uncertain time for everyone.

    Since our update last week, the Well Society has been overwhelmed by the amount of new pledges and donations received.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

    This is a difficult time for all of us and those who contribute to our fan ownership group cannot be thanked enough for their continued support, especially when football may be the furthest thing from minds.

    If you haven’t yet done so, here’s how you can support the Well Society and add to the 3,000 who play their part in owning Motherwell Football Club.

    New Members

    You can pledge by clicking here. Pledges start at just £5 per month.

    Existing Members: upping your pledge

    We’ve had several existing members increasing their pledge, for example from £5 to £10 per month.

    To do this simply click here, set up a new pledge and cancel your existing direct debit.

    Alternatively drop an email to wellsociety@motherwellfc.co.uk and we will cancel your existing pledge for you.

    One-off Donations

    The Well Society also received over £1,500 in one-off donations over the last week.

    If you wish to donate you can send payment through Paypal to wellsociety@motherwellfc.co.uk.

    Once again thank you for your incredible support and we look forward to seeing you back at Fir Park soon.

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    An update from the Well Society

    An update from the Well Society

    The Covid-19 crisis is having a monumental impact across the world and now at home.

    It is both a health and economic crisis at the same time which is doubling the anxiety for us all.

    In this context sport seems less important than ever before, but we also know that our club and our game are at the centre of our home community and national life. We must play our part in getting our community and country through what lies ahead and to a sustainable future on the other side.

    As things stand, we await clarity over what will happen with the 2019/20 season. Until then, it is difficult to state clearly what challenges – if any – lie ahead. As soon as things are made clearer, we will be able to update our members and the entire Motherwell support.

    As a club, we will stand by the decisions taken by our governing body and its board. We know that there can be no easy answers. We also know that now is not the time for self-interest. Now is the time to secure the common good. More than ever. Decisions will need to be taken and we will be part of making good what is decided.

    Our club is well-managed, well-supervised and well-owned. We are fortunate. But this competence and preparedness does not make us immune from the implications of what is happening. The focus of the board of the club is on supporting all of those who depend on us for their income. This matters enormously. We also want to do everything we can to engage the community as well in all that will need done in the days ahead.

    Times are uncertain, and so we are encouraged by supporters who have already contacted us looking to support the Well Society during this time.

    We would like to extend a massive thank you to all of our supporters who have recently joined or made a donation to the Well Society, as well as highlighting our gratitude to existing members who continue to support us on a regular basis. The importance of doing this cannot be overstated. Please encourage all your friends that can afford it to do the same. It will be an investment in securing the future of our club.

    We would welcome any other fans who have the means to similarly consider contributing to the Society at this time, either by pledging a monthly sum or by making a one-off donation.

    Joining or pledging to the Well Society helps to safeguard the future of our club at all times, but in particular your support now helps give comfort as we head towards what will undoubtedly be challenging times.

    To become a Well Society member, starting at just £5 per month, you can sign up here. Or, to make a one-off donation, you can click here or donate via Paypal by sending to wellsociety@motherwellfc.co.uk.

    Our understanding is that the club will put season tickets on sale in early April, which we encourage all fans who possibly can commit at that early stage to do so.

    If you have any issues or worries during this ongoing crisis, even if they are unrelated to the Well Society, Motherwell FC or football in general, and are unsure of where to turn, please contact us by clicking here and we will point you in the right direction for advice, guidance and support.

    Again, thank you for all your support. The days ahead will be full of pain, we know that. But our community has demonstrated its resilience through many challenges over the years and this one will be met by the same steel. We will emerge more together, stronger and connected.

    Look after yourselves and those around you. We’ll see you at Fir Park on the other side.

    The Well Society Board

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    Bring a friend for free to Dundee

    Bring a friend for free to Dundee

    To thank all of Well Society members for their fantastic support, each member can get a complimentary ticket to the match against Dundee on Saturday, 27 April.

    Society members who are season ticket holders or already have a ticket for the match can bring along a friend for free.

    To reserve your ticket, simply call us on 01698 338002 or stop into the ticket office by 4pm on Friday, 26 April.

    If you haven’t yet joined the Well Society, you can join us from just £5 per month at thewellsociety.co.uk.

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    Double Your Money deal extended to season end

    Double Your Money deal extended to season end

    Two years ago, Les Hutchison made a generous offer to match every £1 raised through the Well Society by reducing the loan balance due to him by the club up to a maximum of £500,000.

    This was originally for a one year period, before being extended for a further year. Motherwell fans responded in tremendous fashion, raising close to £400,000 over the last two years through pledges, donations, share sales and other fundraising events and initiatives.

    Mr Hutchison has now generously offered to keep the “Double Your Money” offer open until the end of May 2019, giving us a real chance of hitting that original target and raising £500,000.

    “The gesture from Les Hutchison to further extend his offer of Double Your Money to the end of the season is a fantastic one and appreciated by all at the Well Society,” Well Society co-chairman Douglas Dickie said.

    “It is a fantastic boost to both the Well Society and in turn our football club. This allows us the chance to take advantage of his original offer of match funding our fundraising to a maximum of £500,000.

    “I thank all members who have helped us get so close to this target over a two year period. We are currently standing at just under £400,000 and ask for their continued support to achieve our target and beyond. “

    Here is how you can help the Well Society reach its target:

    Join the Well Society. If you haven’t yet done so you can join us today from just £5 per month.

    Pledge to the Well Society. If you are an existing member but aren’t pledging monthly, you can do so today.

    Increase your pledge. Pledging members can increase their pledge to help even more.

    Make a one-off donation. If you don’t want to make a monthly commitment, you can make an annual or one-off payment to contribute to the Well Society.

    Keep an eye out for our other fundraising initiatives including auctions and events. Thank you for all your support.

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    Two new faces on Well Society board

    Two new faces on Well Society board

    Gordon Miller and Derek Watson are the two newly-elected board members with the Well Society.

    Both were at Fir Park on Friday to mark their election, ahead of their first board meeting on 27 November.

    Derek was previously on the Well Society Board. Having left due to work commitments at the time, had no hesitation in putting himself forward to come back on board and believes he can help ensure the younger fans have more of a say in the running of the club.

    “Being a fan owned club means everyone should have a voice regardless of where they sit in the stadium,” he said.

    “I stand in the last section of the east stand among some very passionate and creative individuals, I’d like to think that my election to the board will give me the opportunity to make their voices heard.

    “I’m also now the youngest member of the board and one of my aims is going to to make the Society engaging and attractive to the younger generations of Well fans.”

    Gordon Miller, a season ticket holder in the Phil O’Donnell stand, added: ”It’s a huge honour to join The Well Society board. I was born and raised in Motherwell, and our club is the heart of our community.

    “Being a community club is more than a slogan. Iur club is owned and operated by our community. So our success is entirely dependent on us – the fans.

    “I’m excited about the future of Motherwell FC and at playing a role at delivering a sustainable and successful fan ownership model that will see our club flourish.”

    If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions you’d like to raise ahead of the next Well Society board meeting, please get in touch by emailing well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk.

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    Well Society share scheme relaunched

    Well Society share scheme relaunched

    Last year after consulting with members, the Well Society launched a share issue, giving Motherwell fans the chance to own individual shares in the club.

    Having raised over £40,000 on the first go, the owners of our club are now relaunching the share issue scheme, giving supporters another chance to purchase shares.

    Running until Friday, 21 December, the scheme will allow the Society the chance to make the most of the offer from former owner Les Hutchison to double every penny raised in 2018.

    Shares will be available at a cost of £10 per share, with a minimum purchase of five shares required.

    We are again offering the following discounts to Well Society members.

    Total contributed to the Well Society (on date of purchase)Discount on shares
    Up to £9995%
    £5,000 and above 15%

    Buying shares allow you to own your own direct part of Motherwell Football Club. Once the share issue is complete, the Well Society will continue to hold the majority shareholding and, therefore, the fan ownership model at the club will not change in any way.

    It is also important to state that this share issue in no way impacts existing Well Society memberships. Your pledges and donations are still very much vital to the club. This is a separate initiative which is entirely optional to all members.

    To apply to purchase shares, fill out this application form and send it to well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk. This can also be done over the phone by calling 01698 338009 or you can post to The Well Society, Fir Park, Fir Park Street, Motherwell, ML1 2QN.

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    Former players’ nostalgia night

    Former players’ nostalgia night

    Motherwell’s former players club, in conjunction with the Well Society, are holding another Nostalgia Night.

    Held in the Cooper Suite at Fir Park on Friday, 5 October, the event will get under way at at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

    This will be a re-run of the very successful night which took place in April earlier this year.

    Providing an opportunity for another 100 supporters to attend the event, the night will include recordings from matches ranging from 1950 to 2000, as well as a short quiz. A number of former players will be in attendance.

    Tickets are priced at £10 and include a programme and a pie at half-time. You can get yours from the Chapman office at Fir Park, or by calling 01698 338006.

    All funds raised from the evening will be donated to the Well Society and benefit under the Double Your Money offer from former owner Les Hutchison.

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    Bring a friend for free to Livingston game

    Bring a friend for free to Livingston game

    We’re giving away free tickets to the owners of our club.

    To thank all of Well Society members for their fantastic support, each member can get a complimentary ticket to the match against Livingston on Saturday, 6 October.

    Society members who are season ticket holders or already have a ticket for the match can bring along a friend for free.

    To claim your free ticket, simply come to the ticket office at Fir Park before Thursday, 4 October before 5pm.

    If you haven’t yet joined the Well Society, you can join us from just £5 per month here.

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    Bid for player dressing room boards

    Bid for player dressing room boards

    Want to get your hands on a unique piece of Motherwell FC memorabilia?

    The Well Society are selling a number of dressing room boards the players would see when they came in for match in the 2017/18 season, which have all been signed by the relevant player.

    The boards available include those used in the home changing room at Fir Park, and also a selection of bespoke ones from our William Hill Scottish Cup final.

    Bidding on boards starts at between £45 and £50 per board. Remember, all money raised will be doubled through the Well Society scheme, meaning additional funds to benefit the club.

    The list of the available boards is below. These are available through the Well Society’s eBay page.

    Available boards

    Richard Tait (Scottish Cup)

    George Newell

    Carl McHugh (Scottish Cup)

    Charles Dunne

    Cédric Kipre (Scottish Cup)

    Liam Grimshaw (Scottish Cup)

    Elliott Frear

    Peter Hartley (Scottish Cup)

    Craig Tanner

    Richard Tait

    Carl McHugh

    Liam Grimshaw

    Gael Bigirimana

    Trevor Carson

    Chris Cadden

    Steven Hammell

    Andy Rose

    Andy Rose (Scottish Cup)

    George Newell (Scottish Cup)

    David Turnbull (Scottish Cup)

    Louis Moult

    Ryan Bowman