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    Liam Kelly is off to Germany

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    2023/24 Season Review: August

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    Where are they now: Goalkeepers

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    2023/24 season review: July

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    Investment update

    Investment update

    The club have now entered a period of consultation with Well Society members and Motherwell Football Club shareholders with regards to the proposed investment from Erik and Courtney Barmack, with voting scheduled to commence at the start of next month. 

    Following on from our last update, we can confirm that the Heads of Terms have now been agreed between all parties and will be distributed to all Well Society members and Motherwell Football Club shareholders in the weeks prior to the vote commencing on 1st July 2024.

    Contact details for any queries can be found below.

    At this point of proceedings, a clearer timeline of the proposed investment process can be made.

    This timeline is as follows:

    Monday 10th June

    Start period of consultation with option for shareholders to email questions to Club via shares@motherwellfc.co.uk. Well Society members can also contact the Well Society directly with any queries via members@thewellsociety.uk.

    Monday 1st July

    Ballot Opens for Well Society members and Motherwell Football Club shareholders – 2 weeks voting period.

    Sunday 14th July

    Ballot Closes.

    A note from our Chairman Jim McMahon

    As has been well documented, the club has been in discussions for a number of months with Erik Barmack, a Los Angeles based entrepreneur. These talks have centred round how Erik and his wife Courtney could make an investment in MFC and become involved in helping to run the club.

    These negotiations have now advanced to the point where MFC have signed Heads of Terms (HOT) about how this would work going forward and the Board of the club are recommending that shareholders accept the offer.

    I set out below:-

    • A synopsis of the HOT including the safeguards built into the agreement.
    • A note on valuation and the rationale for this deal.
    • A steps paper on how this would be done.
    • A note from Erik and Courtney about their aspirations for MFC.

    And I apologise for the amount of information which is involved. This is mainly because of the nature of the deal. The bulk of corporate transactions involve an acquisition – party A buys party B – the money goes to the shareholders in B, not the underlying business. In our case all the money is going into MFC by way of yearly subscriptions for new shares in the club and that makes it much more complicated.

    Heads of Terms

    1-  As you will see from Erik’s note below, he sees this as a partnership with the fans and the Well Society (WS) – one where both parties invest on a yearly basis for six years, with the Barmacks putting in £300k for the first three years and £350k for the next three.

    2-  The WS commitment is £200k for the first three years and £250k for the next three.

    3-  The current shareholders in MFC are WS 71% – other shareholders 29%.

    4-  Other shareholders will have the right to subscribe for their pro rata amount each year eg if a shareholder owns 1% at present, they will be entitled to subscribe for 1% of the new shares issued. If they do that, it will reduce the amounts the WS need to subscribe and the number of shares they receive on that share issue.

    5-  Erik and his wife will own 8% of the shares in MFC in the first year, going up by approximately 8% per annum until they reach 49% by year six.

    6-  As outlined above, this money is going in as share capital not debt and so strengthens the balance sheet; unlike other instances in Scottish football where excessive debt has led to significant problems for the clubs involved.

    7-  There is a buy back option for the WS up to the end of year two. If the arrangement isn’t working as envisaged, they can buy back the WS shares for £660k (two years contributions plus costs).

    8- As a further safeguard, 30% of any player sales above £2m will be put into a separate account and can be used to help that purchase eg Player sales have been £4m – the £600k in that account can be used to help fund the buy back.

    9-  Other safeguards:

    • The club cannot take on any external debt.
    • No value can move to the Barmacks other than normal expenses.
    • No assets, ground etc, can be sold.
    • No change to the club name, colours, home ground can be made without the agreement of 75% of the shareholders.
    • The existing loan from the WS to the club remain in place until the final payment is made in six years time and at that point half of the loan is forgiven.
    • Given the money the WS holds at present, to meet its commitments over the next six years it needs to raise £100k per annum – 60% of what it currently achieves.

    10-  The Executive Board will be eight in total. The club’s existing CEO and FD remain in post. An additional three directors each will be nominated by the WS and the Barmacks. If tied at 4-4 on any matter the Chair (Erik) has the deciding vote.

    11-  The new money will be very helpful in underpinning our budget and allowing additional income from cup runs and player sales to be invested on a longer-term basis; but is not in itself transformational. What could be is the access to other income sources, new fans, media connections and commercial opportunities that Erik and Courtney are looking to bring.

    12-  What we have looked to do is agree a deal which opens up fresh opportunities without risking the future of the club. For the next six years the club is a “locked box“. All the additional value generated stays within the club.

    Which is why the MFC Board recommends the transaction.

    Valuation and reasons for the deal

    One of the key questions for shareholders is whether the transaction values the club fairly. The amounts being subscribed by the Barmacks – £1.95m – prices the equity in the club at just under £4m – with the addition of the debt of £3.7m (WS and Government) that equates to an Enterprise Value (EV) of £7.7m for the whole club.

    There are three main ways to value a business.

    Net assets – the club does have net assets – but to realise these would mean selling the ground – work we have done in looking at a new stadium has estimated a cost of £40m – net assets is only a valid basis to look at the deal if the assets can be sold. Ours can’t be.

    A multiple of sales/turnover – commonly used for hi tech or software companies who have yet to reach profitability – again not relevant.

    A multiple of maintainable profits – this can be profit, profit before tax or EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation- sometimes referred to as a measure of the free cash flow a business generates).

    We have operated at around breakeven over the period since we moved into fan ownership.

    There is no standard multiple for businesses – especially football clubs – there generally is a range – eg pubs might go at 5/8 times profits.

    But to get to £7.7m EV for MFC would require something like stable EBITDA of £1m and a multiple of 8.


    We will now have been in the top division for 40 years, have managed to “balance the books” under fan ownership, improve the ground, training facilities and extend contracts for players who could have significant sell on value. So why think about changing the model?

    Two reasons.

    We have always seen the WS money as an insurance policy against a major downturn in our finances – relegation would cost us approximately £3.5m and we have had to live with that possibility in the last two seasons. The rainy day money is a static strategy. Is it better to contribute regular annual amounts which can be fed into our budget? Does that make it less likely we will get dragged into relegation? The answer is probably yes, so that is something we need to consider and this transaction provides that opportunity.

    And secondly, and aligned to that, because it’s the main duty of the Board to look at ways to safeguard the future of the club. Lots of good work is being done to try and increase membership, income from events etc but will that bring in sufficient revenue to protect us totally or even make a significant contribution to our cost base?

    Will it allow us to compete and remain in the top level? Or do we need to do more? That is the ultimate question fans and shareholders need to consider.

    This deal offers-

    • Fan ownership still embedded at the heart of the club.
    • New worlds to explore.
    • And two safety nets. Buy back plus no value leaving the club for at least six years.

    Which is why we are recommending it unanimously as a Board.

    Steps paper

    To accept this deal 75% of our shareholders, have to vote in favour.

    The WS owns 71% of these shares. If more than 50% of the votes cast by the WS members is in favour that translates to a 71% acceptance.

    If more than 50% of the votes cast are against, the transaction cannot take place.

    Given the significance of what we are proposing it is important to give shareholders and supporters time to consider it and ask questions about any aspects which are unclear.

    We are therefore building in a twenty-one-day period to do that – which we think is sensible in the circumstances, then a further 14 days for voting which should allow the club to factor the new money into next season’s plans, if the deal is accepted in that timeframe.

    The WS will consult its members separately. The club will write to other shareholders asking them to vote. After the consultation period of 21 days, voting for WS members and MFC shareholders will commence on 1st July 2024 and everyone will have a further two weeks to administer their vote which will close on 14th July 2024.

    If there is a 75% + acceptance, we will then instruct our lawyers to draw up the relevant papers (Shareholders Agreement – Subscription Agreement – New Articles) for a General Meeting to formalise the transaction.

    Jim McMahon

    A note from the Barmacks

    Subject: Proposal for Strategic Partnership with Motherwell FC
    Dear Members of the Well Society, MFC Shareholders, and Fans of MFC,

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person, hearing your inspiring stories, exploring the town of Motherwell, and witnessing firsthand the vibrant atmosphere at Fir Park. Thank you for your time and sharing your Motherwell passion with me. I appreciate now more than ever what makes Motherwell so special.

    My wife, Courtney and I deeply respect Motherwell FC’s culture and identity, especially its fan ownership, which is a vital part of the club’s DNA. Our aim is to complement, not control, the Well Society’s shareholding and support its core mission.

    We are incredibly excited about the possibility of joining forces with all of you to enrich this foundation with new resources and innovative ideas, propelling the Steelmen forward while preserving its cherished traditions. We are committed to a long-term partnership that focuses on sustainable growth without imposing financial burdens.

    Below are a few more details about our proposed investment and involvement in Motherwell FC:

    Capital Investment: We propose a sustained investment strategy to build long-term value for Motherwell FC, focusing on enhancing the club’s infrastructure and long-term strategic projects rather than short-term player acquisitions.

    Media and Broadcasting: With our background in international film and television production, we see significant opportunities to boost MFC’s global visibility. A broadcaster recently approached us about a docuseries on the club that could open considerable commercial opportunities.

    Technology and Innovation: Leveraging our extensive experience in Tech Ops & Strategy and media rights negotiations, we aim to drive MFC into new frontiers in AI and social media. This includes optimizing MFC’s engagement and innovation in digital realms.

    Additional Investors: We see opportunities to bring in additional investors (which would dilute our share of the club, not yours) who can help raise MFC’s profile internationally, enhancing the club’s stature on a global stage.

    Global Football Networks: Our connections with club owners across premier leagues provide us an opportunity to extend MFC’s network internationally, supporting the club’s long-term strategic goals.

    Engagement and Transparency: We propose creating forums to ensure ongoing dialogue with you, allowing us to align our initiatives with the community’s needs and aspirations.

    We look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet soon to discuss this exciting opportunity.

    Warm regards,
    Erik and Courtney Barmack

    If you have any questions about this transaction, please contact the club at shares@motherwellfc.co.uk and we will respond quickly. Alternatively, WS members can also contact the Well Society directly with any queries via members@thewellsociety.uk.

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    2023/24 Season Review: September

    2023/24 Season Review: September

    September kicked off with the crowning of the August player of the month. Dan Casey would win the fans vote having scored his first Motherwell goal, played every minute of every match and won a penalty against Kilmarnock. 

    The new faces kept coming, with the latest addition of a young left-back called Georgie Gent joining the team on loan from Blackburn until the end of the season.

    Motherwell continued their fine run of form and extended their undefeated run in the league to 10 games, with a win over Hearts at Tynecastle, their first win there in four years. Callum Slattery’s completed a wonderful team goal to secure the 1-0 win.

    We took some time away from the football pitch and spent the afternoon with Blair Spittal and his dog Simba, as Spittal prepares for the arrival of his first child.

    Joe Efford departed the club having joined in January 2022.

    We had five players away on international duty, Bevis Mugabi hopes of reaching AFCON fell at the final hurdle after Uganda’s win over Niger wasn’t enough to secure qualification. Brodie Spencer got a call-up to the first-team Northern Ireland squad after he was initially named in the Under 21s. Lennon Miller made his first Scotland Under 19 appearance.

    The return to league action seen Motherwell somehow come away with nothing against St Mirren at Fir Park.

    Always an interesting time of year is the players finding out their ratings in the latest Fifa game, the boys discovered the final scores ahead of the new EAFC 24 launch.

    It would be same unlucky story for Motherwell as they came away from Ibrox with nothing, after a Cyriel Dessers deflection secured a 1-0 win for Rangers, despite the ‘Well having plenty chances.

    The other half of the old firm would take all three points after three goals in the last six minutes of the match at Fir Park.

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    New SLO signing

    New SLO signing

    The Supporter Liaison Officers (SLOs) have a new signing of their own this summer, with the addition of Chris Thomson to the team.

    Chris will join Russell Hepburn and Kate Kelter who now have a season of SLO duties under their belts. The trio will be on hand home and away next season to help enhance the match day experience for fans.

    Lifelong Motherwell fan Chris is proud to follow the Steelmen, and even prouder that his children have followed in his footsteps and regularly accompany him to games.

    “I sit in the Cooper Stand with my family so I understand the importance of taking young ‘Well fans to the games not just at home, but away as well,” says Chris.

    His work in Learning and Development means he’s well versed in supporting and working with others. He adds: “I’m always communicating, so that makes me pretty approachable.

    “This role is about being a bridge between fans and the club. No matter what the feedback is I want to hear it and address the issues with the club.

    “I look forward to meeting you and if you see me please come and say hello.”

    Ticketing and travel information for away games will continue to be communicated through X (formerly Twitter) account: @MotherwellFCSLO. Further information is available on the SLO page of the website.

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    Liam Kelly is off to Germany

    Liam Kelly is off to Germany

    Liam Kelly has been named in the final 26-man squad that will head to EURO 2024 this summer. 

    Kelly is one of three keepers who have been named in the squad.

    In the last edition of the EURO’s back in 2020, Motherwell were centre stage with both Stephen O’Donnell and Declan Gallagher included.

    The former Motherwell skipper will not be returning to Fir Park next season however, a contract extension was agreed between player and club that will see the Kelly remain a Motherwell player for the duration of the tournament.

    Scotland will open EURO 2024 against hosts Germany on Friday 14 June.

    In match day two, they take on Switzerland on Wednesday 19 June before their final group match against Hungary on Sunday 23 June.

    • Germany v Scotland
    • Friday 14 June
    • 8pm Kick off
    • Allianz Arena, Germany


    • Scotland v Switzerland 
    • Wednesday 19 June 
    • 8pm Kick Off 
    • RheinEnergieStadion, Germany 


    • Scotland v Hungary 
    • Sunday 23 June 
    • 8pm Kick off 
    • MHPArena, Germany 
  • First team

    Bevis Mugabi departs

    Bevis Mugabi departs

    We can confirm that Bevis Mugabi will be departing the club. 

    Our longest serving player last year, will leave Motherwell having joined in September 2019.

    With 125 appearances for the club, he leaves with everyone’s best wishes for the future.

    His service to the club is immensely appreciated by everyone.

    All the best, Bevis.

  • Well Society

    Just the ticket!

    Just the ticket!

    Well Society member Niall Kane was delighted to discover he’d won the cost of his Season Ticket in our recent competition.

    Niall joined the Society last month, and bought his Season Ticket for 24/25, automatically entering the draw. He joined 48 others in the hat who had either joined, increased their monthly membership contribution or restarted payments recently.

    He was refunded his £395 Season Ticket cost.

    Niall said: “I’m delighted. I joined the Society because I wanted to help the Club any way I can. To win, and to get the Season Ticket cost refunded, is fantastic. Here’s to a successful 2024/25 season.”

    Over the course of the initiative the Society received recurring payments which will be worth more than £4000 annually.

    Sean Baillie from the Membership Workstream said: “Thanks to everyone who joined the Society, who restarted payments or who committed to increasing their monthly contribution – it all goes to supporting the Club we love. We are delighted with the additional income this will bring in annually, all of which will contribute to the future success of Motherwell FC.”

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    2023/24 Season Review: August

    2023/24 Season Review: August

    The thrill for the start of the new season was growing stronger, but just the day before the season began, Motherwell made a new addition to their forward line. 

    Theo Bair joined the ranks after departing St Johnstone in the summer and would be thrust straight into the starting 11 for the first match against Dundee.

    Motherwell B exited the SPFL Trust Trophy at the first hurdle, after a penalty shootout defeat to Tranent.

    Stuart Kettlewell added Mika Biereth to his growing list of attacking options, with the Danish Under 21 international joining on loan from Arsenal.

    The first player of the month award of the season would go to young starlet Lennon Miller after his two goals, becoming the club’s youngest goalscorer in the process, and one assist in the four Viaplay Cup games.

    Bair would get off to the best possible start for his new club, netting a first-half opener against Dundee, at a rain soaked Dundee. Lyall Cameron levelled proceedings in the second-half, holding the Steelmen to an opening day draw.

    Seven days later, it was time for the other new striker to make an instant impact. Having been named on the bench, Mika Biereth came on just after the hour mark. It wouldn’t take him long to make his mark, beating Louis Stevenson in the tussle before setting up Conor Wilkinson for the opener against Hibernian. He was at it again with five minutes to go, giving chase to Lennon Miller’s ball through before finishing to seal the first three points of the season.

    Barry Maguire went south, joining up with Kidderminster Harriers on loan until January.

    Next up, the ‘Well brought a hefty following to Paisley as they faced St Mirren in the last 16 in the Viaplay Cup. Caolan Boyd-Munce’s first half strike seen the hosts advance to the next stage.

    The game would be marred with controversy as Mika Biereth picked up a serious knee injury that seen the Dane return to Arsenal for recovery.

    Lennon Miller and Bevis Mugabi were called up by their countries, with Miller being named in the Under 21 Scotland squad for the first time.

    There was another new face in North Lanarkshire, as Brodie Spencer joined on loan from Huddersfield until the end of the season, providing international experience to the squad.

    It didn’t get much later against Kilmarnock for Brodie Spencer and Motherwell, when Harry Paton won the game with the last kick of the ball in the 98th minute to make it nine Premiership wins on the bounce. Marley Watkins opened the scoring for Killie but Dan Casey’s first ‘Well goal levelled terms.

    The Women of Steel got their first Lanarkshire Derby win of the season, defeating Accies 4-0 at K-Park thanks to a hat trick from Carla Boyce and a Kaitlyn Canavan strike.

    Liam Kelly made the latest Scotland squad, as the Tartan Army closed in on EURO 2024 qualification. Brodie Spencer was named in the Under 21 Northern Ireland squad after his impressive debut display in the claret and amber.

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    Where are they now: Goalkeepers

    Where are they now: Goalkeepers

    We take a trip down memory lane as we revisit some players who have worn the claret and amber between the sticks. 

    Luke Daniels

    A product of the Manchester United youth academy, Luke Daniels made the switch to West Brom in 2004.

    He arrived at Fir Park on loan for the second half of the 2007/08 season. At the time, Graeme Smith was the number one choice keeper, so Daniels had to spend most of time in North Lanarkshire on the bench.

    However, his chance came in May when Celtic visited Fir Park and Daniels was handed his debut between the sticks. Celtic came away with a narrow 2-1 win that day, but Daniels would get the nod in the final game of the season against Hibernian at Easter Road. Keeping a clean sheet, the Steelmen came away with a 2-0 win that day.

    He returned to West Brom, and remained on the books there for ten years. He may have only made three appearances for the Baggies in that ten years, but Daniels would go out on loan on a number of occasions.

    Loan spells with Shrewsbury Town, Tranmere Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Rochdale, Bristol Rovers and Southend United would see the shot stopper gain plenty first-team experience before he left West Brom in 2015.

    He would go on to make over 100 appearances for Scunthorpe before joining Brentford and and Middlesborough. Daniels was most recently with Forest Green Rovers and has now become a free agent this summer.

    With 148 appearances in League one, over 25 in the Championship and even one Premier League appearance thanks to an injury to number one West Brom keeper Ben Foster, Daniels has gone on to have a fruitful career in the game and become a reliable keeper for a number of teams.

    John Ruddy

    He came through the ranks at Cambridge United and earned the name “Iceman”, John Ruddy was impressing under difficult circumstances.

    After making his debut in 2004, Ruddy became first choice at the U’s and despite them getting relegated, he kept a number of clean sheets and conceded only 45 goals in the league.

    Having went on trial with Manchester United, Everton came calling and secured his signature. Manager David Moyes was seriously impressed with his displays in training and touted him as the next big thing.

    Ruddy went out on loan to Walsall, Rushden & Diamonds, Chester City, Stockport County, Wrexham, Bristol City, Stockport County and Crewe Alexandra.

    At the start of the 2009/10 season, Jim Gannon signed Ruddy on a six-month loan from Everton. He went into direct competition with Michael Fraser and Sebastian Kosiorowski for a place in goal.

    Gannon, under his second spell with Ruddy, trusted him with the number one jersey and was placed in goals against Romania outfit Steaua București, saving a penalty in the first-leg.

    The hype was building around Ruddy as he kept clean sheets against both Celtic and Rangers, also saving a Barry Robson penalty in the December.

    With Ruddy flying and both clubs keen, it was agreed Ruddy would remain in Lanarkshire until the end of the season. 39 games and 15 clean sheets later, Ruddy’s time in ML1 drew to a close but not after Motherwell secured more European football and Ruddy claiming the player of the year award.

    Following his loan spell with Motherwell, he earned a move to the English Championship with Norwich City on a permanent deal. Making 242 appearances across a seven year spell, he featured in the Premier League and even had the captain’s armband on one occasion.

    During his spell at Carrow Road, Roy Hodgson would name Ruddy in his England squad ahead of Euro 2012. He missed the tournament through injury but made his England debut in August 2012 in a friendly against Italy.

    His next move would be to Wolves in 2017, where he earned promotion to the Premier League as champions in his first season. His performances earned him a place in the PFA Team of the Year and was awarded the EFL’s Golden Glove Award for the most clean sheets with 24.

    He moved onto Birmingham City in 2022, where it was expected he would be the number two. That didn’t prove to be the case as Ruddy has went on to play 89 times for City and was even voted players’ player of the year for the 2022/23 season.

    Ruddy’s contract at Birmingham has expired after their relegation to League One, however he has been offered a new deal as they look to bounce straight back to the Championship next season.

    Darren Randolph

    Darren Randolph arrived in England in 2004 to sign for Charlton Athletic. That would be the beginning for a six-year relationship with the London outfit, where he spent time on loan with Welling United, Accrington Stanley, Gillingham, Bury and Hereford United.

    Each loan had varying successes but one of the highest points of Randolph’s early career was making his Premier League debut against Liverpool for Charlton in 2007.

    He made 20 appearances for Charlton, keeping six clean sheets in those matches.

    In the summer of 2010 with his contract expired, Charlton offered Randolph a new contract however he opted to make the switch to Fir Park.

    He signed a three-year deal and with fan favourite John Ruddy vacated the number one jersey, had big gloves to fill. Craig Brown handed him his debut in the Europa League against Breiðablik, where Motherwell progressed to the next round.

    In that first season, he ended up breaking John Ruddy’s record of 15 clean sheets in a season, finished third in the league and reached the Scottish Cup final.

    His second season in claret and amber would also prove to be a success. Motherwell would finish second in the table, qualifying for the Champions League, with Randolph continuing to be a pivotal part in the club’s success. He was named in the PFA Scotland’s team of the year.

    Entering the final year of his contract, he played in the Champions League and Europa League ties against Panathinaikos and Levante. His consistency and impressive shot stopping ability, seen him earn his first cap for Ireland against Oman on the 11 September 2012.

    This didn’t distract the number one and he went on to be named in the PFA Scotland’s team of the year again, alongside Shaun Hutchinson, Michael Higdon and Nicky Law, as the team finished second place.

    After a successful three-year spell, manager Stuart McCall made it clear it would difficult to retain Randolph at the of his contract, which proved to be the case. He departed for the English Championship with Birmingham City. He remained at St Andrews for two seasons, making just shy of 100 appearances in that time, missing very little matches before moving onto West Ham where he would go onto make a number of Premier League appearances, and even signed a four-year deal in that time.

    He moved for a report £5 million to Middlesbrough, where he made it into the 2018–19 Championship Team of the Season thanks to his displays.

    A reported £4 million move back to London seen him return to West Ham, and although he stayed for three years, game time was limited and he played only five league matches in that time.

    In 2023, he joined Bournemouth where he didn’t make an appearance and it was announced this summer that he would depart the Cherries.

    With 50 Ireland caps to his name, including being part of the Irish squad that went on an incredible run at Euro 2016 playing Sweden, Belgium, Italy and France, Randolph has 199 Championship appearances, alongside 34 Premier League. He has reached the top of the English leagues and left Motherwell fans with a number of memories in his three impressive years at Fir Park.

    Gunnar Nielson

    Having began his career in the Faroe Islands and Denmark, Blackburn Rovers signed Gunnar Nielson in 2007. It was after one year that Motherwell drummed up their interest in the Faroese stopper and brought him to North Lanarkshire on a six month loan in 2008.

    That initial loan spell amounted to nothing and he would go back to Blackburn at the end of the season. Mark Hughes, who signed him at Rovers, brought him to Manchester City in 2009.

    He would be loaned out to Wrexham and Tranmere Rovers and ended up making his Premier League debut in 2010, replacing Shay Given against Arsenal. It was a bit of international history as he was the first Faroese footballer to play in the Premier League.

    Eventually leaving city in 2012, Neilson would move to Denmark with Silkeborg. It was April by the time he arrived there Motherwell, under the influence of Gordon Marshall, brought Neilson back to Fir Park for a second spell.

    It was a straight shootout between Nielson and Lee Hollis for the jersey and injury to Hollis meant the Faroese got his chance. His debut came against Kuban Krasnodar in the Europa League over in Russia, where Kuban won 1-0.

    He then had a run of games between the sticks, and went on to make 23 appearances for the club during the 2013/14 season, as Motherwell finished runners up in the Scottish Premiership. He helped his side claim a point against Celtic at Fir Park when he saved a Kris Commons penalty.

    His second season in claret and amber would see him remain on the bench mostly and he moved onto Iceland with Stjarnan 2015, the team who ironically knocked the ‘Well out of Europe earlier that same season. After 22 games there, he moved to Icelandic champions Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar where he played until 2023. 

    The 37-year-old played 168 times there and seemingly hung up the gloves last season. Capped 70 times for his country and becoming captain in 2016, Nielson was the number one stopper for his nation and picked up two club trophies in his career.

    Connor Ripley

    Connor Ripley was with Blackburn Rovers as a youngster before switching to Middlesbrough in 2009. It was Gordon Strachan who brought him to Teeside but it would be Tony Mowbray who would give him his first chance in the senior team.

    He stayed at the Boro for eight years but as has been the trend in this piece, he went out on loan for most of that time. With some successful loans and others not so successful, and having played under Graham Potter in Sweden, Motherwell would come calling in July 2015.

    Signed on a season-long loan, he started between the sticks on the opening day trip to Inverness. That would the first of 40 appearances for the club that season, which had some memorable moments including a win over Celtic at Parkhead.

    His strong performances kept Craig Samson and Dan Twardzik out the picture and overall, he returned South a better player.

    He joined Oldham under Steven Robinson and Ian Baraclough following his time in ML1 and continued to impress as he won the player of the year award there.

    Burton Albion, Bury and Accrington Stanley would follow next for Ripley on loan before he moved on from Middlesbrough permanently to join Preston North End under Alex Neil on a three-year-deal. Three years and only ten appearances, he moved to Morecambe in 2022 where Derek Adams named him captain.

    He once again won a player of the year award however Morecambe’s relegation meant he moved on at in 2023. His current team is Port Vale and although they were relegated to League Two, he was a standout performer for Darren Moore’s side. It looks to be the case that he will stay at the Vale for 24/25.

    Another player who got his first run of consistent games, Ripley’s career has been steady since his departure from Fir Park and with him only being 31, there’s plenty left in the tank for the shot stopper.

    George Long

    Born and raised in Sheffield, George Long became Sheffield United’s youngest goalkeeper at 17 years old when he made his debut in 2011.

    After impressing in the Youth team, he signed a long term deal in 2012 that seen him commit until 2016. Although the plan was for him to be second choice, injuries meant Long became a regular for the Blades.

    A change in manager’s seen plans change at Sheffield United and Long would spend time out on loan. In February, deadline day, Long was recruited by Ian Baraclough.

    With 15 appearances and three clean sheets between then and the end of the season, Long steadied the ship between the sticks in what was a tricky year for the Steelmen. He was strong and commanding overall and impressed in the relegation playoff victory over Rangers at the end of the season to keep the ‘Well in the top flight.

    He returned to Sheffield and under new manager Nigel Atkins, was named first choice. However, Mark Howard would earn the jersey and he would become a cup keeper. However, he impressed when he played in cup games and got his position back.

    Come February 2016, Long had made 100 starts for his boyhood club and got a new contract under Chris Wilder. He went out on loan again and decided the time was right to move on after seven years as a professional at the club.

    Hull City would be his next destination in the Championship where he enjoyed regular game time. In three years, he amassed 65 games for the club and is moved on Millwall in 2021.

    He is currently playing with Norwich, where he made 12 appearances last season, all of which came in October and November. At present, it looks like he will remain with the Canaries as they push for promotion back to the Premier League next season.

    His stint may have been shorter at the club, but his saves at Ibrox in the relegation playoff win will be remembered in what was a game of the highest importance.

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    2024 Fan Survey

    2024 Fan Survey

    The football may been temporarily stopped on the pitch, but off the pitch we’re still working hard.  

    As the beginning of the 2024/25 season creeps closer and closer, we’re continually looking for ways we can improve your experience when you visit Fir Park, and ways we can improve your experience as a fan as a whole.

    That’s why we have created a short survey, ranging from travelling to the stadium to club events. We value your feedback and opinion and want to hear them.

    The 2024 Fan Survey can be found online here.

    Please answer all the questions as honestly as possible and we will collate and look to take this feedback on board going forward.

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    2023/24 season review: July

    2023/24 season review: July

    The month of July kicked off with the first new face arriving in ML1. Conor Wilkinson joined the club after his departure from Walsall a month prior. 

    Neil Alexander talked us through what a pre-season looks like for a goalkeeping, an area often overlooked during this time of year.

    Head Groundsman Paul Matthew said goodbye after eight years of service, having turned one of the poorest playing surfaces in the country into one of the best.

    Lauren Doran-Barr, Katie Andrews and Kayleigh Bargathi headed for the exit door, with Rebecca Cameron, Laura McCartney and Eve Donald coming in the other direction.

    Motherwell took on Falkirk in a behind-closed-door friendly match, where Blair Spittal and Callum Slattery got on the scoresheet in the 2-2 draw. The Steelmen travelled to Tannadice in their final pre-season test, defeating the Championship 1-0 thanks to a Conor Wilkinson goal.

    The day prior to the first competitive match of the season against Elgin City, the new away kit was released featuring a surprise returnee as a model. Dan Casey was unveiled as the latest player to sign up for the forthcoming season after a successful spell last season at the club.

    Motherwell got their Viaplay Cup campaign off to a flyer with a 2-0 win over Elgin City, with Lennon Miller and Jon Obika getting on the scoresheet as our new home kit had it’s first outing in front of 1000 travelling Motherwell fans.

    Just days later, former Premier League defender Pape Souare arrived on a six-month deal, just in time for the midweek clash against Queen of the South.

    The Steelmen were on their travels again, and after a thrilling 3-3 draw in Dumfries, the match went to a penalty shootout. With Blair Spittal scoring two and Slattery also netting, the pair found the back of the net with their spot kicks, as well as Stephen O’Donnell, Paul McGinn and Wilkinson. Aston Oxborough saved McKenchnie’s penalty, securing the bonus point for his team.

    A tight turnaround, Motherwell faced Queen’s Park in their first home match of the new season, live on Viaplay. A first half Jon Obika strike saw off the Spiders and Motherwell went top of the group.

    Davor Zdravkovski put pen to paper on a two-year deal, arriving from Cyprus. The North Macedonian went straight into the matchday squad for the final group match against East Fife. Connor Shields and Ross Tierney both departed the club days later.

    Conor Wilkinson, Lennon Miller and Callum Slattery all made sure of top spot in the group, helping their side to a 3-0 win in the finale. And with that, Motherwell learned their fate in the next round of the cup would be taking on St Mirren in Paisley.