List of Motherwell FC’s Scotland internationals

List of Motherwell FC’s Scotland internationals

Forty-one different players have represented Scotland at full international level while on the books at Motherwell Football Club.

Dating back from 1910, 117 international caps have been won by our players for our home nation.

Players in bold are still currently active with the club and national team.

Last updated: 6 June 2021.

NameFirst cap while with Motherwell and opponentTotal caps with club
Stephen O’Donnell08/10/2020 v Israel8
Declan Gallagher16/11/2019 v Cyprus9
Chris Cadden30/5/2018 v Peru2
Steven Saunders16/11/2010 v Faroe Islands1
David Clarkson30/5/2008 v Czech Republic2
Ross McCormack30/5/2008 v Czech Republic1
Steven Hammell17/11/2004 v Sweden1
Stephen Pearson15/11/2003 v Netherlands1
James McFadden20/5/2002 v South Africa4
Paul Lambert21/5/1995 v Japan2
Brian Martin21/5/1995 v Japan2
Robert McKinnon17/11/1993 v Malta3
Phil O’Donnell8/9/1993 v Switzerland1
Tom Boyd12/9/1990 v Romania4
Davie Cooper15/11/1989 v Norway2
Willie Pettigrew7/4/1976 v Switzerland5
Robert Watson14/6/1971 v Russia1
Tam Forsyth9/6/1971 v Denmark1
Patrick Quinn15/4/1961 v England4
John Martis22/10/1960 v Wales1
William Hunter5/6/1960 v Hungary3
Robert McCann6/5/1959 v West Germany5
Andrew Weir6/5/1959 v West Germany6
Ian St John6/5/1959 v West Germany7
James Forrest19/4/1958 v England1
James Gardiner13/11/1957 v Wales1
Wilson Humphries30/5/1952 v Sweden1
Willie Redpath23/10/1948 v Wales9
James Watson4/10/1947 v Northern Ireland1
Andy Paton23/1/1946 v Belgium3
Duncan Ogilvie29/11/1933 v Austria1
John Blair4/10/1933 v Wales1
William MacFadyen4/10/1933 v Wales2
John McMenemy4/10/1933 v Wales1
Hugh Wales26/10/1932 v Wales1
William Telfer17/9/1932 v Northern Ireland2
John Murdoch21/2/1931 v Northern Ireland1
Allan Craig26/5/1929 v Norway3
George Stevenson29/10/1927 v Wales12
Allan McClory30/10/1926 v Wales3
George Robertson5/3/1910 v Wales1
41 players117 caps


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