About the Well Society

About the Well Society

Motherwell Football Club is owned by its supporters.

Every fan can become a member of the club, through The Well Society, who are there to ensure we remain in the hands of the community and supporters forever.

Our club exists to improve people’s lives. It is here for the good of the community, not for the profit of any individual or consortium, and to develop young, talented footballers. The Well Society is governed by its Rules of Association and its board. Find out more about the board here.

Become part of our club right now. Become a member by pledging your monthly sum.

UK pledges
Non-UK pledges

£5 per month

£10 per month

£15 per month

£20 per month

£25 per month

£30 per month

£50 per month

£60 per month

£80 per month

£100 per month

£200 per month

£500 per month

If you do not wish to use the Go Cardless system or PayPal, please email your details to well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk.


To achieve our goal of community ownership, the monthly direct debits are our most important source of funding.

However, top-ups/one-off donations are also most welcome. Should you wish to contribute in this way, please click on the appropriate button and follow the process from there.

Top-up £25

Top-up £50

Top-up £150

Top-up £200

Top-up £500

Top-up £1000

Top-up £1500

Top-up £2000

Top-up £3000

Top-up £5000


Take out a Junior Steel membership for £25 and get goodies including club scarf, membership certificate and personalised birthday and Christmas cards.

£25 membership

£20 renewal

£2 per month

Our privacy policy explains what information we will collect about you, how we will use it, and the steps we take to ensure that it is kept secure.