Time to step up
Well Society

Time to step up

Upgrade your Junior Steel membership

If you’re aged and 16 or over this is your moment to step up for your club and move from being a Junior Steel member to becoming a full member of the Well Society. This entitles you to:

  • one share in the Well Society
  • a vote on Well Society matters
  • access to events at Fir Park

Make the step up and play your role in pushing our club forward.

Adult membership starts at £5 per month, with a £3 per month option for those aged between 16-26 who are:

  • in full time education
  • in low income employment

Sign up for £5 a month or more

Sign up for £3 a month

If you do not wish to use the Go Cardless system or PayPal, please email your details to well.society@motherwellfc.co.uk or call us on 01698 338009.

Our privacy policy explains what information we will collect about you, how we will use it, and the steps we take to ensure that it is kept secure.