Visiting Fir Park

Covid-19 return to stadium supporters’ code of conduct

We are excited to be able to host supporters at Fir Park again and we know you will be excited to return too.

To ensure your experience at Fir Park is safe and enjoyable, you must follow the guidelines in this Code of Conduct.

Compliance with this code is essential and shows respect for your fellow supporters, whilst also protecting yourself, your club, your sport, and your community.

Important Points

If you are unwell or display any symptoms of Covid-19, you must not attend.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, or have been in contact with anyone infected with Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to the game, you must not attend.

If you test positive for Covid-19 in the 14 days after the game, you must inform the club at the earliest opportunity by calling 01698 333333.

If you are self-isolating or in quarantine (e.g., returning from a country on the quarantine list), you must not attend.

All tickets are non-transferable. To help enforce this photo ID is required along with your ticket on match day. If you cannot attend, please contact the ticket office who can arrange for another season ticket holder to
take your place.

Spectators must remain in seats registered to their contact details at the point of sale.

Please ensure all members of your household attending the game are made aware of all the information within the Covid-19 Return to Stadium Code of Conduct ahead o f travelling to the game.

In case of an emergency please follow the instructions from the match PA announcer and stewards.


Please use the provided hand sanitiser on entry to and throughout the stadium.

Face coverings must always be worn properly within the stadium, covering both your nose and your mouth.

At all times and in all parts of the ground, please observe two-metre social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your household.

Toilet facilities are available for use with the appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures. Please follow the stewards’ advice.

Cleaners will be on duty throughout the game to ensure good hygiene and cleaning procedures are in place.

Please dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided.

If you remove your face covering to sneeze or cough, please cough/sneeze into a tissue, then replace your face covering. Please immediately sanitising hands afterwards and dispose of any contaminated tissues in a bin.

Avoid or minimise the touching of surfaces, your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Before Arrival

Remember to have your digital or print-at-home ticket ready. If you are using a digital ticket, make sure phone is charged, as you will require it for access to the stadium.

Remember to take your face covering with you, as it is mandatory to wear in the stadium unless medically exempt. If you are exempt, you will be required to provide prove of exemption.

Know your route and entry gate. Access to the stadium may differ to previous visits.

Know your arrival time. Entry times may be staggered to ease entry for your safety. If an entry time is specified on your ticket, be there on time.

No kiosks or refreshments are available to buy. However, water will be available for free from the kiosks if required. As before, no bottles, cans or alcohol are permitted.

Wash and sanitise your hands. Sanitising stations will be situated around the stand and stadium.

Spectators will be seated as individuals or in group bookings.

Spectators who are accompanied by children are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidance.


Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary entry procedures.

Arrive at your allocated time slot at the correct gate. Please ensure you are wearing your face covering properly, covering both your nose and mouth.

Follow signs and steward instructions. These are to keep you safe and ensure social distancing.

Have your ticket ready for inspection.

Security checks will be in operation as normal.

Where possible, please avoid using your hands to turn the turnstile.

Please always retain and keep your ticket on you.

Avoid or minimise the touching of surfaces, your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Maintain good hand hygiene by using the hand sanitiser available throughout the ground.

Two-metre social distancing is required during your visit to the stadium.

Locate your seats. Sit only in your allocated seats, please do not attempt to sit anywhere else or tamper with the measures in place to allow social distancing between supporters.

Observe respiratory etiquette. Always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.

Follow all instructions provided via the match PA announcer or stewards.

During the Game

Remain in your allocated seat. Standing is strictly prohibited.

Always wear your face covering properly, covering both your nose and mouth.

If you must leave your seat, continue to wear your face covering, wait for the passageway to clear, remember the two-metre social distancing rule, sanitise hands and follow the signage and stewards’ instructions.

When in your seated area, when moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please avoid face to face contact.

Should the match ball enter the stand, please pass this down to the ball attendant to be sanitised. Under no circumstances should you throw the ball onto the pitch. Please ensure that you sanitise your own hands once the ball has been passed back.

If you remove your face covering to sneeze or cough, please cough/ sneeze into a tissue then replace your face covering immediately, sanitising hands afterwards and disposing of any contaminated tissues in a bin,

Take extreme care when shouting, singing, or celebrating.

Priority will be given on stairwells to people ascending the stairs. To avoid contact, people descending are required to step into a row until the stairwell is clear for them to continue their journey.

Full Time and Exiting the Stadium

For your safety, please remain seated, wait for announcements or instructions from the match PA announcer or stewards before leaving your seats.

To keep supporters safe and allow for social distancing, you may be held back for up to five minutes to conduct a staggered exit. Please be patient.

Stewards are there to keep you safe. Please follow their instructions.

Continue to wear your face covering when exiting the stadium.

Take rubbish with you and dispose of it in the bins provided.

Please use hand sanitiser on exiting the stadium.

Please do not make any attempt to approach any staff or players.

By following this Code of Conduct, you will play your part in seeing a return to playing in front of larger crowds at Fir Park, sooner rather than later. We cannot wait for this to happen.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may jeopardise public health, harm the reputation of the club, our supporters, the sport, and the wider community.

Non-compliance may result in sanctions by the club that could result in exclusion from the stadium.

The Code of Conduct has been put together to ensure the safety of all supporters, staff, and players equally and to ensure your health and safety after your visit to Fir Park.