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    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

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    Get access to the help you need

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    Work out at home with Richard Tait

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    Well Society reach 3,000 members

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    Motherwell ‘in action’ against Grimsby Town

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    Fir Park closed

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    Win £25,000 with the Well Lottery

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    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

    We’re aiming to “fill Fir Park” and raise money for three great organisations during our enforced absence from action.

    You can donate now to the Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising initiative, which will raise funds equally for Chris’s House, the Motherwell FC Community Trust and The Well Society. Each purchase, priced at £1, will be counted as a donation towards our initial fundraising target of £13,742.

    Buy your “tickets” now and donate to our Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising.

    In order to raise as much money as possible, we’re asking you to buy as many “tickets” as you can. There are no limits on how many tickets you can purchase. Just choose as many as that are relevant to how much you’d like to donate.

    Then, on Saturday 9 May, we’ll have a full day of live streamed video online for you to watch, including full match replays and highlights from some of our most famous games, interviews with players past and present, and much more.

    What’s more, you’re also able to donate even further to our three causes through other means tied to our special event on 9 May:

    • Make a £1 donation to potentially win a players’ match-worn shirt from the 2019/20 season.
    • Buy “virtual” food and drink, contributing the cost of what you’d normally buy at our kiosks.
    Why we are doing this

    We live in unprecedented times, with the spread of Covid-19 costing people their lives, causing many others to fall ill, putting strain on key workers and also creating difficult life conditions for the general population through uncertainty over employment, money and health, and also having a psychological impact due to the current social isolation guidelines.

    We want to use our platform, our supporter base and our reach to the wider world to raise money to help those affected as a consequence of what is happening.

    This fundraising initiative is operated on behalf of the Motherwell FC Community Trust. All donations will also be subject to Gift Aid, which will see us being able to reclaim tax to add a further 25p to our total for every £1 spent. It will not cost you any extra.

    “The current situation is having a real and immediate impact on people’s lives,” Motherwell FC chief executive Alan Burrows said.

    “We want to use our platform to raise money to try and offer support in the areas we’ve identified – namely Chris’s House, who work tirelessly to help with the mental health issues which may come from current circumstances, and also our Community Trust, who amongst other things are continuing to ensure food is available for local children who may go without some meals while schools are off.

    “We have set an initial target which we hope people will see as a challenge we can all get involved in to hit. All donations will go towards making a huge impact in the local community as we try and get through this together.”

    Our causes

    Chris’s House

    Primarily, this is why we have partnered with Chris’s House. Chris’s House stands for ‘Centre of Help, Response and Intervention Surrounding Suicide’ and has been set up to offer a safe environment where people in crisis may have a respite from their current unwellness, by finding refuge in Chris’s House and involvement in an individually tailored programme to offer support and respite through their journey.

    Their aims are to reduce the number of people dying as a result of mental health, to support those affected by suicide and raise awareness of it, to work in partnership with other agencies in Scotland that could help with their aims, and to reduce stigma and ‘taboo’ around suicide and mental health.

    The current situation will be having an untold and profound impact on people’s mental health, during a time where the majority of our time has to be spent indoors. We want to support Chris’s House to help people who need their support and expertise.

    Chris’s House was founded by Anne Rowan, a Wishaw mum with a passionate vision for a crisis centre established in memory of her son Chris, whom she lost to suicide in 2011 at the age of 36. In the years following Chris’s death, Anne experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt. Her hair fell out, she lost her balance and couldn’t go out unaided.

    She turned her attention to taking action – through the creation of Chris’s House, a ‘Centre for Help, Response and Intervention Surrounding Suicide’. It is the first 24 hour, non-medical crisis centre in Scotland offering integrated support. The cosy rooms have each been carefully designed to offer guests an environment they can feel comfortable in. The generosity of families that have been touched by the work Chris’s House have accomplished have raised the funds or made donations to allow for the space offer calm and wellbeing.

    Motherwell FC Community Trust

    Our own Community Trust are also working hard to support local people during these difficult times. Primarily, through funding, they are helping to provide a range of food packages throughout the area, addressing holiday hunger for local school children.​

    As well as being a vital point of call for resources and support for the local population, they are also continuing to deliver coaching programmes to hundreds of children who normally train at Fir Park on a daily basis, with classes now being delivered online by our first team players.

    The Well Society

    Then, finally, The Well Society is the fan-ownership group which owns Motherwell Football Club. Any supporter can join to become a part-owner of their club, and we are raising money to help support them and, in turn, the club as it continues to plan for the future during the present uncertainty, as well as to offer assistance in the club’s continued outreach in the area during these times.

    Buy your “tickets” now and donate to our Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising.

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    Tips for staying active

    Tips for staying active

    Our health and wellbeing partners Paycare have outlined some ways you can stay active during social isolation.

    If you require further support, please also check out our resource of local support and information.

    During this unsettling period of being confined to our homes for an undetermined amount of time, we know that many people will be finding it hard to adapt to this unusual way of life.

    Staying at home, although essential in helping to slow the spread of Covid-19, is increasing the risk of feeling isolated.

    Here’s some simple ways to keep physically active, whilst also protecting our families, friends and communities by adhering to the rules and, importantly, staying at home.

    Keep a Schedule

    It can be so easy to forget about your ‘usual’ schedule and not take regular breaks, or work longer to overcompensate.

    That might mean we forget to have lunch and keep ourselves physically active, so it can be hugely helpful to have a schedule which includes that all-important time for us to focus on getting up, moving around, or doing an exercise routine.

    Plan Your Workout

    Exercising has been proven to produce fantastic feel-good hormones including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline — all of which can make us feel instantly brighter.

    As long as your heart rate increases, you can benefit from these hormones — whether it’s a quick six-minute workout or a more intense 30-minute session.

    Make a plan for how long you want to exercise, what exercises you’ll be doing (squats and lunges for example), and how many reps of each you want to do.

    Easy Exercises

    If you’re less able to move around freely, there’s lots that you can still do to keep active.

    For example, using a comfortable chair, you can do some easy arm stretches, use nearby objects to lift and move muscles safely, and leg lifts to keep the blood flowing. And if you don’t have the time or ability to do a full workout, simple stretches can go a long way.

    Take Advantage of Apps

    There are plenty of free apps available suitable for many fitness levels, abilities, different parts of the body, and lengths of time, giving you plenty of exercise ideas and helping you stay focused and supported. Check out the free workouts from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, who has plenty of exercise routines for adults, or Motherwell’s own Richard Tait’s home workouts.

    He’s also hosting free morning workouts during the isolation to keep the little ones moving while schools are closed. The best thing is, you can absolutely join in.

    Keep Your Active Hobbies

    When we talk about keeping active, we don’t just mean sweat-dripping-off-your-eyebrows type of exercises. It could be anything that you do that involves movement.

    For example, did you know that activities such as knitting and crocheting are great for arthritis and keeping dexterity of movement? And if those aren’t for you, other hobbies you could take up include upcycling furniture, baking, and walking – subject to the latest guidance from Government, or within your own garden or outdoor space.

    Use Your Space Wisely

    If you do have access to a garden, try making use of the space by jogging on the spot, around the circumference, or doing some stretches such as yoga movements or Pilates in the fresh air.

    But if you don’t have access to outdoor space, don’t worry — you can still do so much indoors, even jogging on the spot or doing star jumps for a few minutes. At times like these, we need to make the most of what we have available.

    Don’t forget that during this challenging time, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of what’s important — that we keep our friends, family, and ourselves safe, and take the precautionary measures to protect the community around us.

    To see more useful tips for staying healthy mind, body and soul during the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to check Paycare’s Health Tips for You blog regularly, or connect with them on our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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    2020/21 season tickets now on sale

    Season tickets for the 2020/21 campaign are now available to buy.

    These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We hope that all of you are well and staying safe.

    As things stand, our clubs finds itself in a relatively strong position. But it is not immune to the threat which exists. For us to thrive, we all have to pull together. Like we always do.

    To help us plan ahead, we are asking you today to renew or buy your season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

    To buy, please use our online purchasing service at tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk if you can. You can also call us between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, on 01698 333333.

    We’re freezing our season ticket prices from 2019/20. And, again, we are offering Early Bird pricing, giving you a discount if you are able to renew between now and May 31.

    Additionally, everyone who buys a new season ticket will be given free entry to our first UEFA Europa League or Scottish League Cup fixture.

    We understand there are unanswered questions over the new season. As soon as this becomes clear, we will let you know what the decisions of the football authorities are.


    * Concession pricing applies if you’re aged 16-18, aged 60 or over, or you’re a full-time student.

    All the information you need

    Read our brochure

    Spread the cost or pay now

    There are many ways to pay for your season ticket.

    If you can, you can pay in full now by visiting tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. If you’ve never logged in to the website before, follow this guide if you are an existing season ticket holder. If you’re buying new, please create a new account.

    Alternatively, you can buy over the phone by calling 01698 333333. Please be patient, as we have limited telephone sales capacity at this time.

    You can also email tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk and ask us to call you back.

    Pay by standing order

    You can pay for your season ticket in four instalments from May to August by using our standing order facility. Forms are available here, or you can call 01698 333333 and we will get you set up. If you’re filling out a form, you can scan it and email it to tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk or post it to the club.

    Please note that standing orders are only available on our full season ticket prices, and can not be used for our early bird rate.


    Finance is available to spread your cost over 12 months at an interest rate of 19.5%.

    To apply, please call us on 01698 333333.

    A message from the chairman

    Thank you for your interest in buying a season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

    These are truly unprecedented times for us all, both on a personal level and for the club.

    Being frank, the combined effects of the Covid-19 outbreak present a wholly unpredictable challenge with potentially severe consequences. Nothing like this has happened before. There is no map which shows the way out. There are no precedents we can follow.

    But we go into this in a relatively strong position. For our club to thrive, it needs everyone: the board, executive management, coaching staff, players, fans and our owners, the Well Society, to work harmoniously. We already work like this. Everyone has a common purpose and all those different groups have pursued the good of the club without partiality or self-interest.

    That said, the threat to the club is real and we have no handrails to guide us safely through. But we do have each other and the community we are from.

    Your support in buying a season ticket will help us greatly as we plan ahead. We know it will be a big ask during such uncertain times. But if you can buy now, we thank you and encourage you to do so. We also have a range of different ways to pay over several months if it helps, as is detailed throughout this brochure.

    We are clear in our role over the next few months. Firstly, we will ensure the safety of all our people and take our duty to protect the health of our community seriously. Then, the survival and long-term health of our club is the next key task.

    We have managed our resources diligently. But this is not a short-term problem in our view and we are looking at all possible funding packages to build up our cash reserves.

    Also, we will act decently in ensuring our future. Decently to our employees, players and fans and in particular we will continue to support the Community Trust, whose role is even more important in this situation.

    We also require clarity from the football authorities. With some certainty about how this and next season will look, we can plan and take the necessary actions thereafter.

    Until then, there is no clear and obvious way at present. But we all have so much of ourselves invested in the club we love that we will make one. We will come through this. Whatever has to happen, we will make happen with the long-term future of our community in mind and our club at its heart.

    Thank you all for your support. I hope you will purchase a season ticket for our club for 2020/21. I can’t wait for us all to be back together at Fir Park when the time comes.

    Jim McMahon


    A message from the manager

    Firstly, I hope you’re keeping well and safe with your families during this unprecedented time.

    Football unites all of us. I’m sure like me, you’re all missing the things in life that come with following our team. Getting together with friends. A routine. Watching our young team as they exceed expectations and bring excitement – and other emotions – to our lives.

    The 2019/20 season to date has been one of the most fulfilling in some time. We have a young, exciting team who may be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but who have also taken us to third in the Premiership and on the cusp of a place in the UEFA Europa League.

    To be in that position with the resources we have, and the turnover in players we had last summer, speaks volumes for what we are trying to do. We continue to punch above our weight and, should the opportunity arise, the chance to play European football after a few years of absence from Fir Park will be a hugely rewarding one.

    We have no certainty over what will happen in the next few months in our daily lives, let alone what will happen with playing football. But what we can all be confident of is we will be back, as soon as it is safe for us to do so, pushing to make ourselves better again and test ourselves in the competitions we find ourselves in.

    From my perspective, this isn’t a time to down tools. We are planning for next season, as we had already been before the shutdown. We are scouting players using the technology we have. Our squad are keeping fit, ready to return to action when called upon. Our efforts stay the same, even if the location is different for now.

    That’s why we are asking you now to buy a season ticket if you can. Knowing that you are investing in our return will give us greater certainty over how we move forward. I realise it is a lot to ask in the face of everything else happening in our lives. But, if you can, please buy your season ticket and know that your contribution is valued more than I can possibly explain in these words.

    We will be back soon. No matter what. We’ll cherish the things football and Motherwell FC give us even more, I am sure, when they are returned to us. Hold on to that thought for now. Before you know it, we will be back at Fir Park and ready to take on the challenges that lie in front of us with a fresh perspective.

    Stay safe. Stay healthy. We will be back together soon. Until then, thank you for your incredible support as always.

    Stephen Robinson

    Activating your online account

    It’s easy to buy or renew your ticket online. First, just head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk.

    I am renewing

    To renew, you’ll need your client number. If you don’t know it, don’t worry, it is written on your season card.

    If you’ve never used our online platform before, head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. Click sign in in the top right corner, and then enter your client number and then choose the option ‘activate my account’. You’ll then be able to set a password for yourself and update your details, before going on to either renew your existing seat or choose a new one from our stadium map.

    If you’re more familiar with our online ticketing site, login to your account now. Your current seat is reserved and you will see a notification, and you can renew it in a matter of clicks. Or you choose a new seat.

    I didn’t have a 2019/20 season ticket & I want to buy one

    Again, it’s easy to do this. Head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk and then press ‘season tickets’ from the top menu.

    You’ll then be given the option to choose where in the stadium you would like to sit. From there, you can create yourself an account, and then buy your season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

    Need help?

    If you want help setting up your online profile, or would prefer to buy by phone instead, just call 01698 333333. You can also email tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk.

    Buying for more than one person

    If you have season tickets for your kids, or want to manage all your family’s tickets through one account, it’s easy to link them together. First, head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk.

    If you’ve never set up an online account for the specific ticket holder you want to buy for, log out of your account and press sign in again. Then:

    • Click on the ‘activate my account’ link. Input the customer number on the season card, and then the surname, and click the ‘find my account’ button.
    • On the following page, check and update your details and create a password for use on the website. Please note that the address listed here is where your season card(s) will be sent to.
    • If you are doing this on behalf of a junior member of your family, please enter a unique email account. This is due to some functionality – like forgotten password – which will look at the email address, and may cause a conflict.
    • Once this form is complete, click on the ‘save details’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed back to the home page where your registered name and number will appear in place of the ‘my account’ drop down at the top right hand corner – you are now ready to renew the season ticket.
    • Then, sign out and go back to your account you want to control all tickets from. For example, the account of the adult season ticket holder who wants to have control over buying kids tickets. Follow the initial steps, and then you’ll be all linked up.

    Next – or if an online account exists for the ticket holder in question, follow these steps:

    • Press sign in. Once you are logged in to your master account, simply click on ‘my account’ and choose network.
    • From here, you can search for someone by using their customer number and surname.
    • Once you’ve found them, just press ‘add member’ and you’re done.

    Then, to complete the purchase of the season ticket for another person:

    • Select the individual in the “your network” menu.
    • Select the “edit” button next to the person you wish to buy for.
    • On the next page, make sure you select the “manage” option and then press “send request”.
    • Log off of the site.
    • This will send an email to the other person’s email address. They need to open the email and select the link – which will force then to log into the site – to complete the action.
    • Then, you can sign out and then sign back into your main account, and you’re good to go.

    If you have family members who haven’t received their code to renew, don’t worry. Just get in touch by emailing tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk, sending us a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, or calling us on 01698 333333. We will be able to give you the rest of the codes you need straight away. And if you’re having trouble linking your accounts, just get in touch as well.

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    A message from our chairman, Jim McMahon

    A message from our chairman, Jim McMahon

    I wanted to follow up on the recent statement by the Well Society which was so well received by our community and outline where we are as a club.

    The position we find ourselves in is unprecedented. The combined effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and the consequential economic disruption is an unpredictable event with potentially severe consequences. It hasn’t happened before. There is no map which shows the way out. There are no set of instructions we can follow.

    We go into this in a relatively strong position. For our club to thrive, it needs all the component parts: the board, executive management, coaching staff, players, fans and our owners, the Well Society, to work harmoniously. And since the move to fan ownership that has happened, everyone has a common purpose and all those different groups have pursued the good of the club without partiality or self-interest.

    That said, the threat to the club is real and we have no handrails to guide us safely through. But we do have each other and the community we are from.

    We will ensure that continues and we will be guided by a few key principles in the months ahead:

    1) The safety of all our people is our absolute priority. We were ahead of the curve in taking action to protect the health of our community. We will enact all that has been asked of us by government. We will not try to ‘game the system’ for short-term advantage.

    2) After that is guaranteed, as much as it can be in this situation, then the survival and long-term health of our club is the next key task. We are not in an immediate liquidity (cash) crisis. We have managed our resources diligently. But this is not a short-term problem in our view and we are looking at all possible funding packages to build up our cash reserves. We will update you regularly on this and can I thank all of you who are donating to the Well Society in these extremely difficult financial times.

    3) We will act decently in ensuring our future. Decently to our employees, players and fans and in particular we will continue to support the Community Trust, whose role is even more important in this situation.

    What we need most just now is clarity from the football authorities. With some certainty about how this and next season will look, we can plan and take the necessary actions.

    When you go into our CEO Alan Burrows’ office at Fir Park, the first thing you see is a quote on his wall which says “I shall either find a way or make one.”

    There is no clear and obvious way at present. But we all have so much of ourselves invested in the club we love that we will make one. We will come through this. Whatever has to happen, we will make happen with the long-term future of our community in mind and our club at its heart.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Jim McMahon

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    Get access to the help you need

    Get access to the help you need

    We are a community. Our role in our community is an important one, supporting our fans, their families and everyone else in our local area in both normal times and at this time of increased need.

    We know many of you will have concerns or struggles with health, finances and/or access to goods and services.

    Instead of replicating the work of local service providers, this resource from our Community Trust highlights all the help available that you may need. We are working to try and support them further where we possibly can.

    If you think we have something missing – or you provide a service which you believe should be included – please contact us and let us know.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Last updated: 16 April

    Physical Health

    If you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus, or are looking for additional information on what you should be doing, please visit nhsinform.scot.

    The link leads to:

    • General advice
    • Symptom checker
    • Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection
    • Social distancing guidelines
    • Shielding information
    • Advice for professionals
    • Visiting your GP surgery

    Most GP practices have closed their doors to physical appointments at the present time. This is because physical attendance at the surgery is considered high risk. Check the arrangements for your surgery by telephone or on their website.

    Dental Appointments

    All non-urgent dental care has been stopped. This includes basic work, check ups and orthodontics. If you have an urgent concern, please telephone your dental practice who will be able to advise.

    Mental Health

    Things are difficult.

    You may be feeling anxious, lonely, isolated or depressed. You may be worried about your job, debt or addiction. You are not alone.

    A new telephone helpline is offering psychological support and advice to people across Lanarkshire during the pandemic. 

    Designed and operated by NHS Lanarkshire psychological services, the public distress Covid-19 helpline aims to assist members of the public who are experiencing anxiety, low mood or other mental health issues in relation to Covid-19.

    The service can be contacted on 01698 687567.

    NHS Inform have some fantastic resources to help with mental health, including:

    • Mental wellbeing
    • Depression self-help
    • Anxiety self-help
    • Coping with money worries
    • Struggling with stress
    • Dealing with traumatic events

    Breathing Space provide a safe and supportive space for anyone over 16 years of age experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.

    You can call the Samaritans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 116 123.

    SAMH have a lot of resources and information on coronavirus and your mental wellbeing. It includes help with anxiety, OCD, issues for older people and young people, benefits, and coping with distressing news coverage.

    Physical activity is a great way to help with mental health. There are lots of fantastic online workouts to suit all ages and abilities:

    The people of Lanarkshire can take advantage of a free online stress control resource that provides advice and support and helps deal with anxiety and stress during these challenging times.

    Stress Control is a six-session class developed in Scotland and now run around the world. It teaches Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills to help deal with common problems such as anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, poor sleep and poor wellbeing.

    Financial Worries

    We know that many people struggle in normal circumstances and that situation can be exacerbated at the moment. There is help. Please contact someone as early as possible and measures can be put in place to support you.

    The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has information on its website for many common scenarios

    North Lanarkshire Council have links and advice for a wide range of money areas, from rent to energy bills.


    Some supermarkets have revised opening hours to assist elderly or NHS workers. These times are subject to change, please check the latest information on the relevant supermarket’s website.

    Don’t forget our local butchers, greengrocers and stores which all have a good selection of supplies without the necessity to stand in busy stores.

    If you need additional support with shopping because of mobility, self-isolation or other difficulties please contact your local food bank. You can find where they are on the Trussell Trust website.

    Stay In Touch

    It can be difficult being cut off from your family and friends for this prolonged period, but you are not alone. There are many apps, such as FaceTime, Houseparty and WhatsApp which can help you video call each other.

    If you are missing your football fix, check out our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    The Sporting Memories Network has a weekly digital Sporting Pink magazine which looks at football in bygone days. It’s a great way of passing time reminiscing about football, completing puzzles and quizzes.

    The elderly may be concerned about the impact of COVID, or you may be concerned about a relative. Age Scotland has a wide range of advice, resources and links to support agencies.

  • First team

    Work out at home with Richard Tait

    Work out at home with Richard Tait

    Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get some extra exercise in addition to getting outside for a bit.

    Our resident fitness fanatic Richard Tait is providing live workouts for you to follow along with at 8:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    And if that’s a little too early for you to get sweaty, you can watch them all back at your own pace.

    All workouts will be available here to watch back. If you want to join in live, head to our Facebook page and be ready at 8.30am.

    Wednesday 1 April

    Monday 30 March

    Friday 27 March

    Thursday 26 March

  • Well Society

    Well Society reach 3,000 members

    Well Society reach 3,000 members

    Following a tremendous response over the last seven days, the Well Society now has over 3,000 members.

    Reaching this milestone is an incredible achievement for our support, especially during what is a very uncertain time for everyone.

    Since our update last week, the Well Society has been overwhelmed by the amount of new pledges and donations received.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

    This is a difficult time for all of us and those who contribute to our fan ownership group cannot be thanked enough for their continued support, especially when football may be the furthest thing from minds.

    If you haven’t yet done so, here’s how you can support the Well Society and add to the 3,000 who play their part in owning Motherwell Football Club.

    New Members

    You can pledge by clicking here. Pledges start at just £5 per month.

    Existing Members: upping your pledge

    We’ve had several existing members increasing their pledge, for example from £5 to £10 per month.

    To do this simply click here, set up a new pledge and cancel your existing direct debit.

    Alternatively drop an email to wellsociety@motherwellfc.co.uk and we will cancel your existing pledge for you.

    One-off Donations

    The Well Society also received over £1,500 in one-off donations over the last week.

    If you wish to donate you can send payment through Paypal to wellsociety@motherwellfc.co.uk.

    Once again thank you for your incredible support and we look forward to seeing you back at Fir Park soon.

  • First team

    Motherwell ‘in action’ against Grimsby Town

    Motherwell ‘in action’ against Grimsby Town

    There’s a return to action – of sorts – on Tuesday night.

    With no football for the foreseeable future, we’ve entered into a FIFA 2020 tournament with 127 other clubs from around the world.

    Ajax, PSV, Orlando City, Manchester City and AS Roma are amongst the big guns in the competition, organised by English side Leyton Orient.

    Motherwell ‘travel’ to take on Grimsby Town on Tuesday, with a 6pm kick-off. Declan Gallagher is in control of our team.

    You can watch the game online below.

    Watch live video from decsalloveru on www.twitch.tv

    Should Motherwell progress, a last 64 tie away to Sydney FC lies in wait.

  • Club

    Fir Park closed

    Fir Park closed

    Fir Park Stadium will be closed until further notice.

    The Prime Minister announced on Monday that all people should stay at home, except for limited reasons, in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19.

    The club was operating a skeleton staff in recent days but will now immediately shut down, with employees working from home where possible.

    To contact the club, please use our contact form on this website.

    We urge everyone to follow the advice issued by the UK and Scottish Governments to stay at home, except for the following limited reasons:

    • To shop for basic necessities.
    • For one form of exercise per day, either alone or with a maximum of one member of your household.
    • For medical or care needs, or to help a vulnerable person.
    • To travel to and from work but only if it is a necessity.
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    Win £25,000 with the Well Lottery

    Win £25,000 with the Well Lottery

    Want to help fund the future stars at Motherwell Football Club, and also be in with a chance of winning £25,000?

    Our Well Lottery allows you to do just that, backing the next young talent rising through the ranks at the club and being in our weekly draw.

    Priced at £1 per entry, we’ve also got smaller prizes of £1,000 and £25.


    To join the Well Lottery, you can now choose one of the following options:

    • Sign up online here
    • Fill in the lottery leaflet provided and return via the freepost address provided to Unity.
    • Download a lottery leaflet from the Well Lottery website and return to Unity by post.

    Once you have signed up, you will receive a letter welcoming you to the lottery which will tell you your lottery numbers. You will then be entered into the draw for as long as you wish to play.


    For as little as £1 per week, you’ll have the chance to win up to £25,000. At least 50p of every £1 played goes straight to youth development but most importantly, there are no ongoing costs to the club.


    Every £1 is split three ways. At least 50p of every £1 comes straight to Motherwell FC, which is put towards the club’s youth development and academy programme. The other 50p covers the cost of the administration of the lottery, and goes towards the fantastic prize fund.


    Every player of the Well Lottery will be allocated a six-digit lottery number for every entry they wish to play. This idea is to match your number with the winning number that is drawn on a Saturday in the correct sequence. Every entry in the Unity lottery has an equal one in 63 chance of winning a prize.

    For example:

    325764 – random winning number

    326574 – your lottery number

    This is a three-number match, winning five entries into the next draw.


    Players are notified automatically, and prizes sent out by post, so you do not need to claim your prize. If you would like to check the winning number each week, these can be found on Unity’s website and here on the official Motherwell FC website.


    Unity is a platform on which charities run their own fundraising lottery. It is run by an external lottery manager, Sterling Lotteries, who administer hundreds of charity lotteries for clients across the country.