2020/21 season tickets

2020/21 season tickets

Season tickets for the 2020/21 campaign are now available to buy.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We hope that all of you are well and staying safe.

As things stand, our clubs finds itself in a relatively strong position. But it is not immune to the threat which exists. For us to thrive, we all have to pull together. Like we always do.

To help us plan ahead, we are asking you today to renew or buy your season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

To buy, please use our online purchasing service at tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk if you can. You can also call us between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, on 01698 333333.

We’re freezing our season ticket prices from 2019/20. And, again, we are offering Early Bird pricing, giving you a discount if you are able to renew between now and May 31.

Additionally, in light of the ongoing uncertainty over whether the current season will be concluded, everyone who buys a new season ticket will be given free entry to our first UEFA Europa League or Scottish League Cup fixture.

We understand there are unanswered questions, including what will happen with the remainder of the 2019/20 season. As soon as this becomes clear, we will let you know what the decisions of the football authorities are.


All the information you need

Read our brochure

Spread the cost or pay now

There are many ways to pay for your season ticket.

If you can, you can pay in full now by visiting tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. If you’ve never logged in to the website before, follow this guide if you are an existing season ticket holder. If you’re buying new, please create a new account.

Alternatively, you can buy over the phone by calling 01698 338002. Please be patient, as we have limited telephone sales capacity at this time.

You can also email tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk and ask us to call you back.

Pay by standing order

You can pay for your season ticket in four instalments from May to August by using our standing order facility. Forms are available here, or you can call 01698 333333 and we will get you set up. If you’re filling out a form, you can scan it and email it to tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk or post it to the club.

Please note that standing orders are only available on our full season ticket prices, and can not be used for our early bird rate.


As usual, we will be offering a finance option on season tickets to spread your cost over a longer period of time.

We will announce shortly how to apply for finance. Details will be available at motherwellfc.co.uk.

A message from the chairman

Thank you for your interest in buying a season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

These are truly unprecedented times for us all, both on a personal level and for the club.

Being frank, the combined effects of the Covid-19 outbreak present a wholly unpredictable challenge with potentially severe consequences. Nothing like this has happened before. There is no map which shows the way out. There are no precedents we can follow.

But we go into this in a relatively strong position. For our club to thrive, it needs everyone: the board, executive management, coaching staff, players, fans and our owners, the Well Society, to work harmoniously. We already work like this. Everyone has a common purpose and all those different groups have pursued the good of the club without partiality or self-interest.

That said, the threat to the club is real and we have no handrails to guide us safely through. But we do have each other and the community we are from.

Your support in buying a season ticket will help us greatly as we plan ahead. We know it will be a big ask during such uncertain times. But if you can buy now, we thank you and encourage you to do so. We also have a range of different ways to pay over several months if it helps, as is detailed throughout this brochure.

We are clear in our role over the next few months. Firstly, we will ensure the safety of all our people and take our duty to protect the health of our community seriously. Then, the survival and long-term health of our club is the next key task.

We have managed our resources diligently. But this is not a short-term problem in our view and we are looking at all possible funding packages to build up our cash reserves.

Also, we will act decently in ensuring our future. Decently to our employees, players and fans and in particular we will continue to support the Community Trust, whose role is even more important in this situation.

We also require clarity from the football authorities. With some certainty about how this and next season will look, we can plan and take the necessary actions thereafter.

Until then, there is no clear and obvious way at present. But we all have so much of ourselves invested in the club we love that we will make one. We will come through this. Whatever has to happen, we will make happen with the long-term future of our community in mind and our club at its heart.

Thank you all for your support. I hope you will purchase a season ticket for our club for 2020/21. I can’t wait for us all to be back together at Fir Park when the time comes.

Jim McMahon


A message from the manager

Firstly, I hope you’re keeping well and safe with your families during this unprecedented time.

Football unites all of us. I’m sure like me, you’re all missing the things in life that come with following our team. Getting together with friends. A routine. Watching our young team as they exceed expectations and bring excitement – and other emotions – to our lives.

The 2019/20 season to date has been one of the most fulfilling in some time. We have a young, exciting team who may be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but who have also taken us to third in the Premiership and on the cusp of a place in the UEFA Europa League.

To be in that position with the resources we have, and the turnover in players we had last summer, speaks volumes for what we are trying to do. We continue to punch above our weight and, should the opportunity arise, the chance to play European football after a few years of absence from Fir Park will be a hugely rewarding one.

We have no certainty over what will happen in the next few months in our daily lives, let alone what will happen with playing football. But what we can all be confident of is we will be back, as soon as it is safe for us to do so, pushing to make ourselves better again and test ourselves in the competitions we find ourselves in.

From my perspective, this isn’t a time to down tools. We are planning for next season, as we had already been before the shutdown. We are scouting players using the technology we have. Our squad are keeping fit, ready to return to action when called upon. Our efforts stay the same, even if the location is different for now.

That’s why we are asking you now to buy a season ticket if you can. Knowing that you are investing in our return will give us greater certainty over how we move forward. I realise it is a lot to ask in the face of everything else happening in our lives. But, if you can, please buy your season ticket and know that your contribution is valued more than I can possibly explain in these words.

We will be back soon. No matter what. We’ll cherish the things football and Motherwell FC give us even more, I am sure, when they are returned to us. Hold on to that thought for now. Before you know it, we will be back at Fir Park and ready to take on the challenges that lie in front of us with a fresh perspective.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. We will be back together soon. Until then, thank you for your incredible support as always.

Stephen Robinson

Activating your online account

It’s easy to buy or renew your ticket online. First, just head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk.

I am renewing

To renew, you’ll need your client number. If you don’t know it, don’t worry, it is written on your season card.

If you’ve never used our online platform before, head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. Click sign in in the top right corner, and then enter your client number and then choose the option ‘activate my account’. You’ll then be able to set a password for yourself and update your details, before going on to either renew your existing seat or choose a new one from our stadium map.

If you’re more familiar with our online ticketing site, login to your account now. Your current seat is reserved and you will see a notification, and you can renew it in a matter of clicks. Or you choose a new seat.

I didn’t have a 2019/20 season ticket & I want to buy one

Again, it’s easy to do this. Head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk and then press ‘season tickets’ from the top menu.

You’ll then be given the option to choose where in the stadium you would like to sit. From there, you can create yourself an account, and then buy your season ticket for the 2020/21 campaign.

Need help?

If you want help setting up your online profile, or would prefer to buy by phone instead, just call 01698 333333. You can also email tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk.

Buying for more than one person

If you have season tickets for your kids, or want to manage all your family’s tickets through one account, it’s easy to link them together. First, head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk.

If you’ve never set up an online account for the specific ticket holder you want to buy for, log out of your account and press sign in again. Then:

  • Click on the ‘activate my account’ link. Input the customer number on the season card, and then the surname, and click the ‘find my account’ button.
  • On the following page, check and update your details and create a password for use on the website. Please note that the address listed here is where your season card(s) will be sent to.
  • If you are doing this on behalf of a junior member of your family, please enter a unique email account. This is due to some functionality – like forgotten password – which will look at the email address, and may cause a conflict.
  • Once this form is complete, click on the ‘save details’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed back to the home page where your registered name and number will appear in place of the ‘my account’ drop down at the top right hand corner – you are now ready to renew the season ticket.
  • Then, sign out and go back to your account you want to control all tickets from. For example, the account of the adult season ticket holder who wants to have control over buying kids tickets. Follow the initial steps, and then you’ll be all linked up.

Next – or if an online account exists for the ticket holder in question, follow these steps:

  • Press sign in. Once you are logged in to your master account, simply click on ‘my account’ and choose network.
  • From here, you can search for someone by using their customer number and surname.
  • Once you’ve found them, just press ‘add member’ and you’re done.

Then, to complete the purchase of the season ticket for another person:

  • Select the individual in the “your network” menu.
  • Select the “edit” button next to the person you wish to buy for.
  • On the next page, make sure you select the “manage” option and then press “send request”.
  • Log off of the site.
  • This will send an email to the other person’s email address. They need to open the email and select the link – which will force then to log into the site – to complete the action.
  • Then, you can sign out and then sign back into your main account, and you’re good to go.

If you have family members who haven’t received their code to renew, don’t worry. Just get in touch by emailing tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk, sending us a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, or calling us on 01698 333333. We will be able to give you the rest of the codes you need straight away. And if you’re having trouble linking your accounts, just get in touch as well.