Stevie Kirk and Tommy McLean with the Scottish Cup

Domestic success

Scottish League Champions (1)

  • 1931/32 (Finished on 66 points, five ahead of runners-up Rangers)

Scottish Cup Winners (2)

  • 1952 (Beat Dundee 4-0)
  • 1991 (Beat Dundee United 4-3 AET)

Scottish League Cup Winners (1)

  • 1950 (Beat Hibernian 3-0)

Scottish First Division Champions (2)

  • 1981/82 (Finished on 61 points, ten ahead of runners-up Kilmarnock)
  • 1984/85 (Finished on 50 points, two ahead of runners-up Clydebank)

Scottish Second Division Champions (2)

  • 1953/54 (Finished on 45 points, three ahead of runners-up Kilmarnock)
  • 1984/85 (Finished on 64 points, nine ahead of runners-up Ayr United)

European participation

UEFA Cup Winners Cup

  • 1991/92 (First Round)


  • 1994/95 (First Round)
  • 1995/96 (Preliminary Round)
  • 2008/09 (First Round)

UEFA Europa League

  • 2009/10 (Third Qualifying Round)
  • 2010/11 (Play-Offs)
  • 2012/13 (Play-Offs)
  • 2013/14 (TBC)

UEFA Champions League

  • 2012/13 (Third Qualifying Round)
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