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    Four ways to help manage anxiety

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    Fans deliver food parcels to those in need

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    Take on some Motherwell homework tasks

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    Spread the cost of your season ticket

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    An update from the chairman

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    A guide to buying or renewing your family’s season tickets

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    Volunteers needed to deliver food parcels

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    Get coached at home by our players

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    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

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    Tips for staying active

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    Four ways to help manage anxiety

    Four ways to help manage anxiety

    According to MIND Charity, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week — with anxiety being one of the most common conditions faced.

    So what does anxiety really feel like? How does it impact on daily life? And, with coronavirus currently dominating world news, how do we cope at a time of extreme uncertainty?

    Here are four ways to help from our official health and wellbeing partner Paycare.

    Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

    Changes in our routine can impact our nutritional habits, and we’re all certainly experiencing big changes in our way of life right now.

    Making sure the body is well fuelled and hydrated is hugely important — it impacts on various aspects of our wellbeing, from our sleep and focus, to our motivation and ability to deal with emotions.

    Eating a balanced and varied diet prevents the highs and lows of blood sugar too, which is shown to have a positive impact on reducing levels of anxiety.

    Fruit juice, caffeine, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and alcohol are some of the top drinks you should avoid if you have anxiety, but if you do decide to have any of them just remember that it’s all about moderation.

    Dedicate time to making sure you eat well and regularly so that your blood sugar levels are kept at a stable level, and that you drink plenty of water too.

    Maintain Your Health Needs

    If you need to take medication, it’s key to keep taking these, even though you may feel anxiety about leaving the house for this purpose.

    Remember that you can usually reorder prescriptions by phone, online, or via drop-off points at your local pharmacy or doctors, so you don’t need to come into contact with others. If you’re a Paycare Policyholder, don’t forget to check if you have access to their GP 24/7 service as part of your plan.

    If before self-isolating you carried out things that made you feel like the best version of you — for example, if you found that meditation or yoga helped you to maintain a fresh mindset — it’s important that you continue to put time aside for these feel-good activities.

    Talk About Your Worries

    It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious sometimes, but when it impacts on your daily life to the point where you have no focus, no motivation, and no desire to take care of your own needs, it’s important to talk about how you’re feeling.

    When we can’t see or be around our loved ones like before, we can feel even more isolated, but remember you’re not alone and there is a network of support still available to help you through.

    Make use of phone calls, email, online chats, social media, or texts to engage with someone you trust, or there are digital tools that could help such as the Hub of Hope app, created by the mental health charity Chasing the Stigma which provides a list of local mental health organisations.

    If you’d prefer to open up confidentially, Anxiety UK, MIND, Samaritans, and SANE can help, as well as Employee Assistance Programmes. As a Paycare Policyholder, you can access their dedicated service if it’s part of your plan — log in to your MyPaycare area.

    If you think people you know may need support, simply check-in with them to see how they’re doing — it might just be you that they want to open up to.

    Focus on What You Can Control a Happy Environment

    If you’re not already used to working from home, you might find it tricky to balance the two in the same environment.

    Depending on your own personal preferences, you might find that keeping a tidy home and workspace can help you feel more in control of the two areas of your life, and able to enjoy your surroundings a little more, which is especially important when we don’t know how long we’ll be at home.

    While these are just four things that can I believe can help to manage anxiety effectively, remember that you know yourself best, so do trial and test things to see how you feel and whether they are helping you to feel more in control during this worrying time.

    To see more useful tips for staying healthy mind, body and soul during the coronavirus pandemic, you can connect with Paycare on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Fans deliver food parcels to those in need

    Fans deliver food parcels to those in need

    Our volunteers have been out delivering food parcels to vulnerable families in Craigneuk and Forgewood.

    Fans have turned out in force to help those in the local area, with the Community Trust, The Well Society and Lanarkshire Community Food Partnership working to address hunger for families.

    Over £5,000 of food has been delivered in one day. Thank you to everyone who offered their services to be able to get food and other essential items out to those who need it most.

    The project is funded by Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids, Foundation Scotland and Martin Lewis.

    We’re raising further money for our Community Trust, as well as local charity Chris’s House and The Well Society.

    If you can donate anything at all, please find out more and pledge here.

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    Take on some Motherwell homework tasks

    Take on some Motherwell homework tasks

    Needing some extra inspiration for helping teach your kids while staying at home?

    We’ve put together some Motherwell-inspired homework sheets for you to try out.

    We’ve got four tasks available to download and print out:


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    Spread the cost of your season ticket

    Spread the cost of your season ticket

    There are many ways to pay for your 2020/21 Motherwell FC season ticket.

    If you can, you can pay in full now by visiting tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. If you’ve never logged in to the website before, follow this guide if you are an existing season ticket holder. If you’re buying new, please create a new account.

    Alternatively, you can buy over the phone by calling 01698 333333. Please be patient, as we have limited telephone sales capacity at this time.

    You can also email tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk and ask us to call you back.

    Pay by standing order

    You can pay for your season ticket in four instalments from May to August by using our standing order facility. Forms are available here, or you can call 01698 333333 and we will get you set up. If you’re filling out a form, you can scan it and email it to tickets@motherwellfc.co.uk or post it to the club.

    Please note that standing orders are only available on our full season ticket prices, and can not be used for our early bird rate.


    Finance is again available to spread your cost over 12 months at an interest rate of 19.5% through our partners Duologi.

    To apply, please call us on 01698 333333.


    * Concession pricing applies if you’re aged 16-18, aged 60 or over, or you’re a full-time student.

    Read our brochure


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    An update from the chairman

    An update from the chairman

    I hope you and your family remain safe and well during this period of lockdown.

    In this time of continuing uncertainty, I would like to update you on two key areas relating to the football club.

    Season tickets

    Firstly, a huge thank you to all of our supporters who have already bought season tickets.

    We are massively ahead of where we were last year. As of this morning, we have sold approximately 1,000 tickets, many of them new season ticket holders, as well as fans renewing from last year.

    Those sales compare with 187 in the same time period last year, demonstrating how much our fans have stepped up during exceptional times to back us.

    As a fan-owned club, your support is always extremely important, but none more so in times like these. We have no wealthy benefactors, we depend on ourselves – and this is a vital part of our income.

    All we can do is try and steward the club’s finances as best we possibly can and to plan for all potential scenarios that we can think of. We will keep you closely engaged in our thinking as it develops.

    How the country copes and adapts to the impact of Covid-19 and more importantly, how we defeat it is an ever-changing landscape. In this situation we need to be completely transparent about the total lack of clarity, which still remains, on when we might resume.

    We don’t want any fan to buy a season ticket if they can’t afford to. However, if you can, then it would be another powerful sign of our absolute determination together to get through this period.

    League reconstruction

    Now that league reconstruction is back on Scottish football’s agenda, it is important for us as a club to gather as many views from our supporters to help set out the club’s position.

    Although we will approach any discussions with an open mind and with a view on compromise, the club board wish to engage properly in terms of any proposed new structure as part of our own process.

    The board have already debated and agreed some core principles that we hope will form part of the SPFL’s task force, headed by two very capable individuals in Les Gray from Hamilton Academical and Ann Budge at Heart of Midlothian.

    We believe quick decisions can often be bad ones. ‘Something needs to be done‘ is not the best methodology to apply. We should be as imaginative as possible and look at a number of different options – not just the obvious ones and immediately box ourselves into a corner around one particular structure.

    Our hope is that the talks within the task force and a vote, if there is one, remain constructive. Any change should make the game in Scotland more attractive to all the stakeholders, principally the supporters.

    It has to make the game better in the long term for fans. It also needs to consider the various potential scenarios for restarting the game, their implications for member clubs and therefore how the league and game as a whole navigate it accordingly.

    The Well Society will shortly conduct their own consultation with members to help us shape our thoughts on what reconstruction should look like from the standpoint of our supporters as owners of our club.

    Jim McMahon

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    A guide to buying or renewing your family’s season tickets

    A guide to buying or renewing your family’s season tickets

    Buying or renewing a 2020/21 season ticket and want to take advantage of free ones for your kids?

    If you’re in the Davie Cooper Stand, you can get two season tickets for children aged 15 or under completely free of charge. In our other stands, you can get one – but additional season tickets for kids in all areas of Fir Park cost just a further £20.

    When you first go on to our online ticketing website, we admit it’s not immediately obvious how to buy or renew as a family.

    But don’t worry. Five minutes following this guide will have you set for life.

    Head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk. This is where we will get started.

    I’m renewing from 2019/20

    First thing is first. You need your customer number(s) to log in. You can get that on your existing season card. It’s printed right there on the front.

    Can’t find your card? You can send us a private message on Twitter and we’ll dig your code out for you.

    Got your number(s)? Let’s proceed.

    If you’ve never set up an online account for the family member you want to buy for, log out of your account and press sign in again. Then:

    • Click on the ‘activate my account’ link. Input the customer number on their season card, and then their surname, and click the ‘find my account’ button.
    • On the following page, check and update your details and create a password for use on the website. Please note that the address listed here is where your season card(s) will be sent to.
    • If you are doing this on behalf of a junior member of your family, please enter a unique email account. This is due to some functionality – like forgotten password – which will look at the email address, and may reject it.
    • Once this form is complete, click on the ‘save details’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed back to the home page where your registered name and number will appear in place of the ‘my account’ drop down at the top right hand corner – you are now ready to renew the season ticket.
    • Then, sign out and go back to your account you want to control all tickets from. For example, the account of the adult season ticket holder who wants to have control over buying kids tickets. Follow the initial steps, and then you’ll be all linked up.

    Next – or if an online account already exists for the ticket holder in question, follow these steps:

    • Press sign in. Once you are logged in to your master account, simply click on ‘my account’ and choose network.
    • From here, you can search for someone by using their customer number and surname.
    • Once you’ve found them, just press ‘add member’ and you’re done.

    Then, to complete the purchase of the season ticket for another person:

    • Select the individual in the “your network” menu.
    • Select the “edit” button next to the person you wish to buy for.
    • On the next page, make sure you select the “manage” option and then press “send request”.
    • Log off of the site.
    • This will send an email to the other person’s email address. They need to open the email and select the link – which will force then to log into the site – to complete the action.
    • Then, you can sign out and then sign back into your main account, and you’re good to go.
    I am buying new

    The steps are a little easier. When buying, choose “family adult” or “family over 60s” as your ticket option on the seat map. Then, choose another seat and pick “first family junior”, and “second family junior” if applicable. You can also pick out £20 kids season ticket option if needed.

    From there, you can just checkout as normal. We will be in touch with you shortly to add the names of your kids to their own personalised season cards.

    I’m just buying or renewing for myself – nobody else

    The process is even simpler then. Head to tickets.motherwellfc.co.uk.

    If you’re renewing, get your customer number from your existing season card.

    If you’ve never used our online platform before, click sign in in the top right corner, and then enter your client number and then choose the option ‘activate my account. You’ll then be able to set a password for yourself and update your details, before going on to either renew your existing seat or choose a new one from our stadium map.

    If you’re more familiar with our online ticketing site, login to your account now using your customer number and password. Forgot your password? Choose the option and we’ll send you a new one. Your current seat is reserved and you will see a notification, and you can renew it in a matter of clicks. Or you choose a new seat.

    If you’re buying new, just go to ‘create account’, fill in your details, choose your seat and you’re all set.

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    Volunteers needed to deliver food parcels

    Volunteers needed to deliver food parcels

    We are looking for volunteers to assist with the delivery of food parcels to vulnerable families in Craigneuk and Forgewood.

    Our Community Trust, in conjunction with the club, The Well Society and Lanarkshire Community Food Partnership, are working to provide a range of food packages throughout the area, addressing holiday hunger for local school children.​

    Social distancing, sanitisation and all procedures will be strictly adhered to.

    Please email community@motherwellfc.co.uk if you are interested in helping.

    The project is funded by Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids and Foundation Scotland.

  • First team

    Get coached at home by our players

    Get coached at home by our players

    Needing to brush up on your skills while staying at home?

    Our players have started a series of short tuition videos showing you how to perfect different areas of your game.

    Goalkeeping with Mark Gillespie

    Over two lessons, Mark shows you how you can continue to train your goalkeeping skills on your own at home.

    Outfield skills

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    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

    Let’s fill Fir Park and raise money for local causes

    We’re aiming to “fill Fir Park” and raise money for three great organisations during our enforced absence from action.

    You can donate now to the Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising initiative, which will raise funds equally for Chris’s House, the Motherwell FC Community Trust and The Well Society. Each purchase, priced at £1, will be counted as a donation towards our initial fundraising target of £13,742.

    Buy your “tickets” now and donate to our Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising.

    In order to raise as much money as possible, we’re asking you to buy as many “tickets” as you can. There are no limits on how many tickets you can purchase. Just choose as many as that are relevant to how much you’d like to donate.

    Then, on Saturday 9 May, we’ll have a full day of live streamed video online for you to watch, including full match replays and highlights from some of our most famous games, interviews with players past and present, and much more.

    What’s more, you’re also able to donate even further to our three causes through other means tied to our special event on 9 May:

    • Make a £1 donation to potentially win a players’ match-worn shirt from the 2019/20 season.
    • Buy “virtual” food and drink, contributing the cost of what you’d normally buy at our kiosks.
    Why we are doing this

    We live in unprecedented times, with the spread of Covid-19 costing people their lives, causing many others to fall ill, putting strain on key workers and also creating difficult life conditions for the general population through uncertainty over employment, money and health, and also having a psychological impact due to the current social isolation guidelines.

    We want to use our platform, our supporter base and our reach to the wider world to raise money to help those affected as a consequence of what is happening.

    This fundraising initiative is operated on behalf of the Motherwell FC Community Trust. All donations will also be subject to Gift Aid, which will see us being able to reclaim tax to add a further 25p to our total for every £1 spent. It will not cost you any extra.

    “The current situation is having a real and immediate impact on people’s lives,” Motherwell FC chief executive Alan Burrows said.

    “We want to use our platform to raise money to try and offer support in the areas we’ve identified – namely Chris’s House, who work tirelessly to help with the mental health issues which may come from current circumstances, and also our Community Trust, who amongst other things are continuing to ensure food is available for local children who may go without some meals while schools are off.

    “We have set an initial target which we hope people will see as a challenge we can all get involved in to hit. All donations will go towards making a huge impact in the local community as we try and get through this together.”

    Our causes

    Chris’s House

    Primarily, this is why we have partnered with Chris’s House. Chris’s House stands for ‘Centre of Help, Response and Intervention Surrounding Suicide’ and has been set up to offer a safe environment where people in crisis may have a respite from their current unwellness, by finding refuge in Chris’s House and involvement in an individually tailored programme to offer support and respite through their journey.

    Their aims are to reduce the number of people dying as a result of mental health, to support those affected by suicide and raise awareness of it, to work in partnership with other agencies in Scotland that could help with their aims, and to reduce stigma and ‘taboo’ around suicide and mental health.

    The current situation will be having an untold and profound impact on people’s mental health, during a time where the majority of our time has to be spent indoors. We want to support Chris’s House to help people who need their support and expertise.

    Chris’s House was founded by Anne Rowan, a Wishaw mum with a passionate vision for a crisis centre established in memory of her son Chris, whom she lost to suicide in 2011 at the age of 36. In the years following Chris’s death, Anne experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt. Her hair fell out, she lost her balance and couldn’t go out unaided.

    She turned her attention to taking action – through the creation of Chris’s House, a ‘Centre for Help, Response and Intervention Surrounding Suicide’. It is the first 24 hour, non-medical crisis centre in Scotland offering integrated support. The cosy rooms have each been carefully designed to offer guests an environment they can feel comfortable in. The generosity of families that have been touched by the work Chris’s House have accomplished have raised the funds or made donations to allow for the space offer calm and wellbeing.

    Motherwell FC Community Trust

    Our own Community Trust are also working hard to support local people during these difficult times. Primarily, through funding, they are helping to provide a range of food packages throughout the area, addressing holiday hunger for local school children.​

    As well as being a vital point of call for resources and support for the local population, they are also continuing to deliver coaching programmes to hundreds of children who normally train at Fir Park on a daily basis, with classes now being delivered online by our first team players.

    The Well Society

    Then, finally, The Well Society is the fan-ownership group which owns Motherwell Football Club. Any supporter can join to become a part-owner of their club, and we are raising money to help support them and, in turn, the club as it continues to plan for the future during the present uncertainty, as well as to offer assistance in the club’s continued outreach in the area during these times.

    Buy your “tickets” now and donate to our Motherwell v Covid-19 fundraising.

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    Tips for staying active

    Tips for staying active

    Our health and wellbeing partners Paycare have outlined some ways you can stay active during social isolation.

    If you require further support, please also check out our resource of local support and information.

    During this unsettling period of being confined to our homes for an undetermined amount of time, we know that many people will be finding it hard to adapt to this unusual way of life.

    Staying at home, although essential in helping to slow the spread of Covid-19, is increasing the risk of feeling isolated.

    Here’s some simple ways to keep physically active, whilst also protecting our families, friends and communities by adhering to the rules and, importantly, staying at home.

    Keep a Schedule

    It can be so easy to forget about your ‘usual’ schedule and not take regular breaks, or work longer to overcompensate.

    That might mean we forget to have lunch and keep ourselves physically active, so it can be hugely helpful to have a schedule which includes that all-important time for us to focus on getting up, moving around, or doing an exercise routine.

    Plan Your Workout

    Exercising has been proven to produce fantastic feel-good hormones including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline — all of which can make us feel instantly brighter.

    As long as your heart rate increases, you can benefit from these hormones — whether it’s a quick six-minute workout or a more intense 30-minute session.

    Make a plan for how long you want to exercise, what exercises you’ll be doing (squats and lunges for example), and how many reps of each you want to do.

    Easy Exercises

    If you’re less able to move around freely, there’s lots that you can still do to keep active.

    For example, using a comfortable chair, you can do some easy arm stretches, use nearby objects to lift and move muscles safely, and leg lifts to keep the blood flowing. And if you don’t have the time or ability to do a full workout, simple stretches can go a long way.

    Take Advantage of Apps

    There are plenty of free apps available suitable for many fitness levels, abilities, different parts of the body, and lengths of time, giving you plenty of exercise ideas and helping you stay focused and supported. Check out the free workouts from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, who has plenty of exercise routines for adults, or Motherwell’s own Richard Tait’s home workouts.

    He’s also hosting free morning workouts during the isolation to keep the little ones moving while schools are closed. The best thing is, you can absolutely join in.

    Keep Your Active Hobbies

    When we talk about keeping active, we don’t just mean sweat-dripping-off-your-eyebrows type of exercises. It could be anything that you do that involves movement.

    For example, did you know that activities such as knitting and crocheting are great for arthritis and keeping dexterity of movement? And if those aren’t for you, other hobbies you could take up include upcycling furniture, baking, and walking – subject to the latest guidance from Government, or within your own garden or outdoor space.

    Use Your Space Wisely

    If you do have access to a garden, try making use of the space by jogging on the spot, around the circumference, or doing some stretches such as yoga movements or Pilates in the fresh air.

    But if you don’t have access to outdoor space, don’t worry — you can still do so much indoors, even jogging on the spot or doing star jumps for a few minutes. At times like these, we need to make the most of what we have available.

    Don’t forget that during this challenging time, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of what’s important — that we keep our friends, family, and ourselves safe, and take the precautionary measures to protect the community around us.

    To see more useful tips for staying healthy mind, body and soul during the coronavirus pandemic, be sure to check Paycare’s Health Tips for You blog regularly, or connect with them on our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.